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She dwells within You - But, Are You Ready To Release Her?

Is it in the way she carries herself? The style of clothing she is wearing? Is it her polished, personal brand? Oh wait, maybe it’s that fabulous color of magenta that always seems to complement her beautiful brown eyes?

Mel, who is this woman you are referring to? She is the Empowered Goddess of Style!

She is polished and well put together wherever she goes; she is the boss babe everyone admires and secretly wants to become. Her lifestyle is an authentic reflection of her personal style; she is a mover and shaker making her dreams a reality. She is the savvy, multi-tasking mom who always seems to look effortlessly stylish at every soccer game and girl scouts meeting.

This woman is a stylish force to reckon with – She can be YOU!
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Empowered Goddess of Style

Your personal style, whether you are aware of it or not, does have a direct impact on how you are perceived by others. Our shoes, accessories and clothing we may have selected for a major job interview or when meeting a new client for the first time is essentially telling a visual story about who you are both personally and professionally. In your personal life you maybe desiring a renewed personal style to jump start your lagging dating life. The Goddess of Style program is for you if you are ready to step into your EMPOWERED STYLE with vision and purpose. She dwells within you; you just haven’t discovered as yet!
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Visually, we are communicating who we are long before we have formally introduced ourselves to other people.
The Goddess of Style program will help you to…
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Re-discover and explore what your authentic style personality actually is
You will learn more about the 6-style personalities
How to strategically incorporate at least one of them into your current wardrobe.
Discover your signature POWER color palette
Understand the imporatnce of what your current style is visually communicating about who you are.
virtual stylist

↓ Are You ready to release your inner goddess of style? ↓

Mel, this sounds great! Tell me more...

Day 1. Orientation Day: 

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Goddess of Style Journal

Goddess of Style Vision Statement

Your image and style vision statement serves two important purposes. Firstly, your personal image and style vision statement will assist you in redefining the direction you want your current image and style to evolve into based on your personal values, current or desired lifestyle and your unique style personality – Your style vision statement should be aspirational! 

  • Next, it will help you to clarify what your intended end goal is for yourself once you have completed the Goddess of Style program which will help you to stay focused while working your way through the program. An effective image and style vision statement should be no longer than 3-5 simple, yet concise sentences which will serve to continually motivate and inspire you whenever you feel as though you are in a style dilemma or you are not presenting the best version of yourself. Next, your personal reflection journal is your opportunity to expand upon any thoughts you may have once you have completed the programs in-depth lifestyle questionnaire. When I was in the process of transitioning and transforming my life I too was faced with the very same questions posed to you within the lifestyle questionnaire; and yes, I had many unexplored emotions about the journey ahead of me. Be honest, share your truth and believe in yourself!

Day 2. Creation of Your Goddess of Style Profile

Your Goddess of Style Profile is a soulful, yet informative questionnaire/personal interview that you and I will review together once you have submitted your responses. The purpose of the Goddess of Style Profile is twofold: Firstly, your profile will give you fascinating insight into your purchasing behaviour and triggered emotions that may influence your previous buying patterns. Secondly, reviewing and clarifying your responses will help me to plan and execute a targeted image and style revamp that effortlessly captures your new personal brand.

Day 3. Introduction to The 6 Goddess Style Archetypes + Discover Your Authentic Style Personality

Introduction and explanation of the 6 Style Goddess Archetypes of fashion. You will spend time getting acquainted with them and learning more about their defining visual aesthetics and  unique points of reference. Furthermore, you will discover that some women will consistently gravitate towards a particular cut, fit and style of clothing, while other women may enjoy experimenting with various colour combinations, patterns and fabrics. Are you an eclectic style maven or a classically chic corporate powerhouse? You will learn more about the: 

Whimsical Endearing Spirit

Bold Artistic Maven

Confident ENchanting Temptress

Natural Elegant Beauty

Classic Chic Conservative

Elegant and Sophisticated

Your authentic style personality is intimately linked to your core pesonal values; it is an indirect outer expression of your individuality which consist of your energetic presence. Furthermore, each of these 6-Goddess Style Archetypes are hidden away in our everyday wardrobe pieces.The secret to discovering and incorporating the best goddess style archetype for you is through our personalized, style personality discovery program! 

Day 4. The Goddess of Style Outfit Reflection

The purpose of this insightful reflection day is to give Melissa an idea of your past style preferences and why you felt that a specific outfit, wardrobe and accessory item would look good on you. The purpose of this reflection exercise is to help you further understand how or why your current personal style may not be illuminating the best of who you are; in addition, on day 4 the reflection exercise helps Melissa to further determine how she can best help you to optimize and improve your current personal style, as a result visually making a positive impact in your life once you have completed your life transition. You will be required to put together 6 different outfits, which you would normally wear in your professional or personal life and together you and Melissa will discuss the – why – behind each of your outfits and what it has been communicating about the essence of who your style.

Day 5. Hair & Makeup Suggesstions: Mel will select a few hair style and makeup suggestions to complement your new image and personal style. We will spend time discussing the various hair and beauty loos and which one most resonates with the essence of who you are!

Day 6. Image & Personal Style REVEAL! 

Once you have received your image and style assessment, Melissa will begin building your new image and style based on all of the information that was submitted from Day 1-4. Included within your image and style package are the following:

  • Structured image and style development plan that will incorporate your vision statement that you created on day 1 of your program.

  • Virtual image and style mood board that will include your personalized style archetype(s) and your new signature style pieces. Included: examples of 20-30 styled outfits (professional or lifestyle) you can immediately incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

  • Personalized shopping list that will give you a head start in revamping at least 1 season of your current wardrobe.

BONUS! You will receive your Colour Synergy online assessment; where you will discover what your BEST POWER colours are and how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup!

What are the perks of my investment!

  • Discover your authentic style personality and the style archetype(s) that correspond with it.

  • 1:1 image and style coaching with Melissa. You will learn how to strategically pull together statement outfits that authentically reflect the inner goddess residing within you.

  • Objective assessment + detailed report of your current style. Melissa will give you further suggestions and feedback on how to improve and illuminate your unique style personality.

  • Two follow-up coaching/support sessions with Melissa @ 60 minutes. During your session with Mel you will discuss tips and tricks on how to maintain your new style from season to season.

  • E-Look-Book of various styled looks created by Melissa during your consult utilizing your current wardrobe + accessory items + your signature colour palette

  • Complete Colour Synergy Session with Melissa. Learn what your POWER, ANCHOR and ACCENT colours are, and how to strategically incorporate them into your current wardrobe and accessories!

  • Insightful and detailed work book you can reference at anytime if you need to refresh your memory on a specific topic that was discussed during your wardrobe audit.

  • VIP Goddess of Style Membership: Be the first to learn about new product offerings + member discounts that are exclusive to those ladies who have successfully completed the Goddess of Style program.

  • Lifetime access to Mel’s private VIP Energy & Style Re-Alignment Facebook Group once you have successfully completed the program!

Recent Client Testimonial

Color Analysis Client
Hi Mel! I got your email and I am just amazed!!! I cannot wait to explore and try some of these Autumn colors on 😊😊😊 thank you so much! I also wanted to thank you again!!! I got the 2nd set of emails and I'm so excited about all the different colors! I was surprised to see that some shades I used before in eye shadow and makeup
Charise B.
Super Mom
If you are still unsure about which online mini program would best suit your life transition, may I suggest you start with the

FREE Lifestyle Clarity Session.

During your 30-minute session with me you can utilize the time to ask any clarifying questions in regards to the various services and programs that are available to you and how they can potentially help you move forward with evolving your personal style. I will help you to narrow down your decision by suggesting one or two programs that I feel will best serve your lifestyle desires.