Virtual Color Synergy with Mel

virtual color analysis

Color analysis is the process of discovering an individual’s most complementary color palette according to their unique color season, which is determined by having an in depth color analysis assessment done by a trained Color Analyst; your Color Analyst will carefully look at your  natural skin tone, eyes, and hair color; as well as other nuanced physical characteristics, such as freckles, birthmarks and other distinguishing physical features which will further determine through a methodical process of elimination. Your final results will reveal to you what color season you would look absolutely AMAZING in, when wearing your signature POWER colors within your wardrobe, accessories and makeup.

virtual color analysis
Color is very important to revamping your image and personal style. Focusing, solely only on just updating your “look” will not re-invigorate your personal style and image to its optimal best! Correct color application of your unique color palette is a necessary component for strategically putting together an authentic personal brand that simultaneously optimizes your personal or professional presence with energetic vibrancy. Embracing the beautiful, array of colors from mother nature and learning to apply them to the authentic essence of your personal style will re-energize the energy that you visually emitt through your personal style.  Mel

Mel’s approach to color analysis looks at how your SYNERGISTIC, signature color palette aligns with the essence of who you are through discovering what color season and palette illuminates your unique, energetic personal style. During your consultation with Melissa you will learn how various colours – depending on your colour assessment – can make you appear:ill, aged and dull OR vibrant, healthy and youthful. You will discover and explore your signature POWER, ANCHOR and ACCENT colors in addition to other lifestyle colors that you will learn to integrate into your existing wardrobe and accessory pieces. Color Synergy is all about learning how to strategically utilize your signature color palette to synergistically work with your natural coloring and desired lifestyle.

An individualized virtual colour analysis will be utilized to formulate your synergistic personal colour portfolio to be used whenever you are shopping for your next outfit or makeup selection. Your virtual color analysis will give you an in-depth analysis of the appropriate colour season and palette you should be applying to your current wardrobe and accessories. You will also discover and explore your FLOW season; and how to borrow specific colors from your flow season as a way to keep your personal style versatile and energetically vibrant!

Virtual Color Synergy: Structure of Mini Program


Session 1.

Review of your Lifestyle Questionnaire

Creation of your Personal Style Profile

Creation of your Color Synergy Vision Statement


Session 2.

Color Synergy Outfit Reflection: We will go through your current selection of colors in your professional or personal wardrobe and accessories and discuss why you tend to gravitate towards certain colors; you will also learn how to incorporate your POWER, ANCHOR and ACCENT colors into your current wardrobe and accessories.

The goal of this session is to illustrate how your wardrobe and accessory colours may not be enhancing your best features, or how it is wrongfully projecting a diluted image of your personal brand. At the end of session 2, you will learn how to strategically place and confidently wear colors to create visual interest in your chosen outfits.

Photo Submission Day!

(please refer to your e-workbook) 

Please Note: Once I receive your photos I will then conduct your Color Synergy Analysis using a systematic color evaluation method to identify your authentic, signature color season and your flow seasons.

If you have invested in the online option – you will receive your results 3-4 days after I have received your digital photos to complete your color synergy analysis!


Session 3.

You will then be shown how to apply and optimize your image and personal style by utilizing your new colour palette.

Post-consultation you will receive a personalized, colour swatch booklet of your power colours; to be used whenever you are shopping for new wardrobe items or makeup products.

If you have invested in the online option you will receive a digital color palette of your signature POWER, ACCENT and ANCHOR colors with a few surprises mixed in.


Bonus: Session 4.

**Curated virtual visual board of how to implement key colours from your colour analysis into your existing wardrobe an accessories.**

Hi Mel! I got your email and I am just amazed!!! I cannot wait to explore and try some of these Autumn colors on 😊😊😊 thank you so much! I also wanted to thank you again!!! I got the 2nd set of emails and I'm so excited about all the different colors! I was surprised to see that some shades I used before in eye shadow and makeup
Charise B.
Super Mom
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What Are The Perks of Your Investment?

Complimentary lifestyle questionnaire.

Personal Style Profile

Color Synergy Vision Statement

In-depth analysis of your authentic, signature color season + flow seasonal palette (winter, summer, spring, autumn). Including your POWER, ACCENT and ANCHOR colors; in addition to a few other surprises!

1:1 Color Synergy coaching utilizing precise colour draping/matching technique illustrating to you how to correctly apply your POWER colours.

Please Note: 
You will receive detailed step by step instructions showing you the type of photos I will need you to submit to me in order to complete your Color Synergy analysis. Once I have completed your online analysis you will receive your results within 3-4 days with a full report.

You will receive a personalized, curated,  Color Synergy palette digitally; which also includes: An E-Look-book of  key colours  from your signature and flow season; illustrating how to correctly apply  them to your current wardrobe, accessory and makeup routine.

One follow-up coaching session with Melissa @ 30 minutes. You will discuss with Mel how to wear certain colours for special occasions and ways to experiment with adding new colours from your authentic, signature palette.

Detailed report of your Colour Synergy analysis for future reference.

virtual color analysis
If you are still unsure about investing in the Virtual Color Synergy Program may I suggest you start with the FREE Lifestyle Clarity Session. 

During your 30-minute session, you can ask me questions about any of the signature programs or services that you are interested in learning more about. The session is intended to help you further understand more about how I like to approach each program and service I offer to fabulous women, such as yourself! Once you have a firm understanding of the program structure and benefits, you are more than welcome to proceed with investing in the one that best suits your image and personal style GOALS!