Holistic Image Consultant & Personal Stylist
Melissa .T. Jarred

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​Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Melissa .T. Jarred and I am genuinely passionate about helping you to amplify your inner greatness while strategically repackaging and re-positioning you to emerge as an Empowered Goddess of Style, as you embark on this new journey of transition from the old to the new; whether in your personal or professional life just remember that tranforming your image and personal style isn’t just about pretty clothes and sparkly accessories – it’s also a holistic process. Furthermore, as a Holistic Image Consultant & Personal Stylist. My sole mission is to help you conquer and remove the limiting beliefs and destructive, self-sabotaging behavior that have held you back in the past from visually communicating to the world who you athetically are from within and having that SHINE through the essence of your personal style!


“Never compromise who you are personally to become who you wish to be professionally.”
Janice Bryant Howroyd.

Image Consulting is not only about putting together coordinating outfits; anyone can pick-up a magazine and replicate an outfit. It is, however, about discovering and illuminating your core personal brand which consists of your core values, personal and professional goals, your unique positioning and the overall vision for your life. An Image Consultant can help you achieve your desired lifestyle by strategically enhancing your public image, improving your business etiquette and communication skills, as well as assist and guide you through specific areas in your personal life where you may feel stuck, or unmotivated to move forward and truly embrace the seasons of change that are currently unfolding in your life.

Personal Styling on the other hand takes the strategic and technical aspect of image consulting and adds an aesthetic element to your visual identity. Specific colors you wear, fabrics, the cut and fit of a particular silhouette; in addition, you may have discovered through your Essence of Style assessment that you are a cross between a Whimsical Endearing Spirit + Classic Elegant Woman of Style, my personal styling services will further assist you in streamlining and holistically enhancing your complete image and style transformation from beginning to end.

Empowerment Life Coaching:  I am dedicated and passionate about helping women who are experiencing important life transition to do so from a confident and passionate position of empowerment and authenticity for the new life you are creating for yourself. Physically making a change (visual appearance) is just the beginning to authentically transforming your life with purpose and passion. My Stylish Spirit Awakening sessions are for women who are serious about up-leveling the quality of their life both professionally and personally.

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If you are a woman currently experiencing important transitions within your professional or personal life I highly recommend that you apply for our complimentary 30-minute lifestyle clarity session. During your 30-minute session with me, you can utilize the time to ask questions about any of the signature programs or services that you are interested in learning more about. The session is intended to help you further understand more about how I like to approach each program and service she offers to fabulous women, such as yourself! Once you have a firm understanding of the program structure and benefits, you are more than welcome to proceed with investing in the one that best suits your image and personal style GOALS!

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