retreats to find yourself

Discover the Essence of who you are & level up your personal style to authentically align with the new direction of your life's purpose.

The Luxe in Toronto Retreat™ is an exclusive retreat for women offered to one client a month who will benefit from a personalized, in-person, image and style transformation; in addition to receiving transitional life coaching support from Melissa. The 5-day holistic retreat seeks to reignite your passion for life, prepare you for the transition that you are embarking on within your personal or professional life and lastly give you back your confidence while empowering you to face and make the necessary changes in your life that you have always wanted to make.


This very unique retreat for women who are experiencing important life transitions was created from my own lived experience of desperately needing an escape from the hectic busyness my life had become as a result of balancing motherhood, teaching a rambunctious group of kindergartners, and rebuilding my life after leaving a toxic relationship that left me as a shadow of my former myself. My social life, at the time, had become non-existent and my passion for enjoying and experiencing life eluded me. On most days, I felt like I was invisible to the world, but most importantly a stranger to myself. I felt suffocated, abandoned, and forced into a dreadful, repetitive routine that I perceived at the time I had no way out of. It was during this transitional phase of my life when I started to become more intentional about taking better care of myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally which overtime healed the wounded areas of my life that were stagnating me creatively; thus, reigniting my passion for life again.

retreats to find yourself

You are A Woman Who:

~Feels deep within her soul that it is time to make a  profound transition in your personal or professional life.~
~Desire to have that fire, passion and purpose in your life again.~
~Intuitively sense that your image, personal style and personal brand no longer reflects the new direction of your life.~
~You have always wanted to attend and participate in a self discovery retreat to find yourself; without imitations~

Hello Toronto!

Toronto, Canada was named as one of the top trendy places to visit in North America by New York Magazine in 2016 and was also ranked by The Economist in 2015 as the best city in the world! Impressive, and what’s even more fabulous is Toronto’s progressive, yet trendy fashion and film industry. Toronto is also host of the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), which is held every year in the heart of downtown Toronto. As a former Torontonian (once a city girl, always a city girl) I can attest to the lively, progressive, culturally diverse shopping options that are available to international VIP travelers who desire a luxury shopping experience with a cosmopolitan twist.

Toronto is home to 8 major shopping districts that are equally unique and diverse as the price points and fashion trends that are readily available for the fashion conscious sartorilista; one who appreciates having a melange of luxury and versatility incorporated into her everyday professional and personal wardrobe options. Whether you consider yourself to be an Influential Woman of Style or the savvy entrepreneurness in heels, having the opportunity to shop at a few of the 8 notable fashion districts in Toronto will definitely transform and up-level your image and style game to authentically reflect the essence of who you are from within.

The Luxe in Toronto Retreat™ is a self discovery retreat that will appeal to women who feel deep within their soul that it is time to up-level your personal style, up-grade your personal brand reconnect to the essence of who you were divinely created to be. You are a woman who prides herself on creating a strategically unique image and signature style, a woman who prefers custom tailored, unique one of a kind wardrobe pieces that are reflective and authentic of your personal brand. You are a woman who is ready to transition and transform your life with purpose and passion!

Ladies, welcome to the Luxe in Toronto retreat! A retreat for women who are experiencing important life transitions and desire an exclusive, bespoke, spirit awakening retreat to help them reignite their passion and purpose for life again!

Let's Take A Closer Look


  • Pick-up and drop-off from and to Pearson Int’l Airport or Porter Airlines in a luxury car service handpicked by Melissa.

  •  Luxury massage treatment straight to your hotel suite. You have the choice of receiving your treatment in the mornings or evenings during your stay in Toronto. All treatments are done on site in your hotel suite.

  •  Clothing, shoes and accessory items will be preselected for you before we arrive at the shopping mall/boutique(s) of your choice. A private change room will be designated for your personal needs and will only be accessible to you and I during your personalized fitting.

  •  Afternoon lunch at a trendy downtown Toronto restaurant personally recommended by Melissa. We will spend a lovely part of the afternoon between our shopping excursion taking in the eclectic vibrancy of Toronto while sharing in a glass of vino and tasty cuisine.

  •  Once our shopping excursion is satisfactorily completed, Melissa will personally style three fabulous looks for your professional photo shoot to be shot with a reputable photographer at a downtown Toronto studio or on location; depending on your preference, season and desired results. Professional hair and makeup is included with your photo shoot.

  •  On the day of your shoot you will receive, in addition to your massage, a luxurious facial, manicure and pedicure treatment before arriving at the studio.

  •  You will receive a variety of professionally edited images from your photo shoot once you have given the green light on the images you like the most. If you are stuck in choosing your best 3 photos, Melissa can help you choose.

  • Melissa will spend a full day with you preparing and supporting you through her empowerment life coaching session, so that you can confidently begin the journey of taking the necessary steps to up-leveling your life and gain the clarity and focus you need to take back control of a life you know longer identify with; thus, giving you renewed optimism and a new direction. In addition, you will receive weekly coaching sessions for an additional three months @ 45 minutes in length, once you have returned from your retreat to ensure you continue on the right path to successfully completing your transition and transformation.

  •  Lastly, you will also receive a special gift bag with exclusive image and style resources from Melissa to assist you in maintaining your luxury, image and style transformation.

Below is an overview of what each day of your retreat will include. Although there are specific activities that will be completed on each day, please keep in mind that I am only available to you during your scheduled personal development hours; however, Melissa can offer to you her personal recommendations. Alternatively, If you have any other plans you have arranged for yourself outside of your time with Melissa, those plans are to be handled by you. As a result, if you choose to stay longer than the five days or want to, for example, go sightseeing outside of the planned activities within your program you are solely responsible for those additional expenses.


Day 1. You will be picked-up in a luxury car service from the airport of your choice and dropped off at your hotel in downtown Toronto. Once you have settled into your suite and have had time to unwind Melissa will contact you via Skype to officially welcome you to the city and review and confirm the next days activities and itinerary.

Day 2. In the morning you will be treated to a relaxing massage to help you get focused for the busy, yet exciting day of shopping and lunch at an exclusive Toronto restaurant. Alternatively, you also have the option of receiving your massage at the end of the day once we have completed your shopping trip. Lastly, while you are unwinding from the day’s events, Melissa will be at her studio finalizing your photo shoot details: outfit choices, accessories, shoes, makeup and hair.

Day 3. In the morning you will receive a complimentary facial, manicure and pedicure spa treatment on site in your hotel suite before you leave to come to your celebrity inspired photo shoot. Once your photo shoot is completed you will be picked-up by your luxury car service and returned to your hotel suite

Day 4. Will be spent with Melissa in a private 1:1 empowerment life coaching session, where you will have the opportunity to work with Melissa in determining what your next steps will be in transforming your personal or professional life. The coaching session will help you set goals, implement actionable steps to take while realigning your core values with the authentic purpose for your life. Included: Lunch, refreshments and personalized coaching materials.

Day 5. Before you leave you will receive your final send off massage treatment accompanied with your gift bag full of image and style resources and other items to help you maintain your personal development makeover.

Behind the Scenes Wrap Up: If there are any clothing items that need to be tailored during your fitting with Melissa, those items will be promptly delivered to your address through international airmail once they have arrived and have been approved by Melissa.

Please carefully review the questions listed below regarding the Luxe in Toronto Retreat, as you will gain greater insight into how I like to work with my clients and what will be expected of you; thus, giving you a chance to decide whether you would be a good fit for the retreat. If you have any further questions don’t be a stranger, send me an email I’ll do my best to answer within 24 hours of receiving notification.

Q1. Where exactly will we go shopping and what malls/boutiques are featured in this exclusive package?

A1. Toronto is a vibrant, multi-faceted city with many shopping options. I usually like to structure your shopping experience based on your stated wardrobe budget and your Essence of Style analysis (which is completed via phone and Skype before you arrive in Toronto). Once I have that info I usually have a pretty good idea of where we will go shopping and what will give you the best ROI in terms of quality, style and fit.

Featured Malls Included in Your Luxe in Toronto Retreat: 
The Hub of Toronto – Trendy, Upscale Boutiques:
A Few of Melissa’s Fave Restaurant Picks

Q2. Is this an all inclusive shopping experience?

A2. Yes and no. You are solely responsible for your intended wardrobe budget (your wardrobe budget is a separate expense from my actual fee of being able to provide you a fabulous, upscale, luxury experience). You are also responsible for booking and paying for your own hotel accommodations while in Toronto. I can recommend to you a few reputable hotels that I feel will complement your stay while in Toronto, but the final decision is ultimately yours to make and pay for. All meals with the exception of lunch when we are out exploring the city is also your responsibility; however, on day 2 and 3 lunch will be provided by Melissa at an exclusive restaurant and while we are in studio shooting. Your luxury car service, makeup lessons + application, personal styling, 1:1 life coaching session, personalized shopping experience, professional photo shoot, in-suite massage and spa treatments are ALL inclusive within this package; in addition to your gift bag.

Q3. Are payment options available?

A3. Yes! But, with exceptions. Luxury does come at a price and in order to ensure I am providing you a premium, upscale experience your payment must be received and confirmed 5 business days in advance prior to your arrival in Toronto. However, we can arrange a payment schedule for you, but the final deposit must be paid, as stated earlier, 5 days prior to your arrival. Please review the refund policy carefully. The reason for this protocol is based on the fact that I do have a waiting list that is carefully vetted and approved on an individual basis; as a result, if I book and confirm your package without a monetary commitment from you and you cancel, that booking could have gone to another client that has been waiting and is serious about taking advantage of this unique personal development experience. Lastly, I work with other reputable industry professionals who will need to plan their schedules in advance to accommodate your booking.

Q4. Is there any preparation needed on my part before my arrival?

A4. Yes, in fact there is. Before I can can plan your trip and preshop clothing and accessory items for you we will first need to complete the Essence of Your Style analysis via Skype, Email and phone. During your analysis we will discuss in depth what needs to be improved and enhanced with your current image and style; you will also learn more about your unique style personality based on the 6 style archetypes. We will then review your professional or personal goals and your current or desired lifestyle. Finally, based on what we have discussed I will then create a visual board to help you understand how we will develop your image and style while you are here in Toronto.

Q5. How much will I need to put toward my wardrobe budget?

A5. That would depend on your needs and what you can comfortably afford without breaking the bank unnecessarily. This package is called Luxe in Toronto Retreat™  for a reason. It is a premium, upscale experience that should be enjoyed to the fullest extent without having to worry about expenses or maxing out your beloved CC. With that said, I highly suggest you consider why you want to invest in such an experience and what do you plan to achieve once you have completed your transformation. Most women who have chosen to embark on this personal development experience are committed to up-leveling their lifestyle with a bang! They are CEO’s, executives, creative entrepreneurs and women who want to positively change their image and life with the intended purpose of living a life that is filled with passion. If you are unsure about investing in such an experience, I highly recommend you begin with our introductory mini virtual programs to get a feel of what it would be like to work with a professional image consultant and personal stylist.

Q6. Can I bring a friend or my spouse with me?

A6. Yes, why not! I only ask that while we are out revamping your image and style that your friend(s) or spouse spend independent time exploring Toronto on their own until you return back to your hotel suite. I find that outside opinions tend to indirectly influence how you honestly feel about a particular outfit, which interferes with you being able to authentically express yourself without judgement or feelings of being self-conscious. This exclusive personal styling experience is all about you and helping you step into your authentic image and style.

Q7. How far in advance should I book my Luxe in Toronto Retreat™ with you?

A7. I can only book one client a month for this package. As such, I highly recommend filling out the client application form with all of the requested info. Melissa will carefully review your details and reply to you within a few days.

Q8. Do you offer group personal styling trips?

A8. I’ve considered offering this option, but I prefer to only offer exclusive 1-on-1 personal styling and image consulting services to quality, ambitious women. I genuinely enjoy the process of getting to know you as a person not just as a client; as well as being able to focus my attention and energy on helping you develop your authentic image and style without feeling like I am neglecting the needs of another client while I am assisting you.

Q9. What is the Luxe in Toronto Retreat Refund Policy?

A9. Please review the following page carefully (Retreat Booking Terms + Refund Policy) 

August 2018 – Open Availability. (Reserved for one client per month.) 


This is your time to step into your greatness and reclaim your passion for life!
An experience that will empower and reignite the fire within your soul that has dimmed over time; limited spots are available.