Forgive Yourself:
Calling Out Your Past

Hello Ladies, Let's chat about how to forgive yourself after a big mistake. We all have a past. A situation, personal choice or unfortunate happenstance we’ve experienced at some point in our lives that may have left a negative residue behind we just can’t seem to get rid of; as a result, delaying our ability to purposefully turn to a fresh page in our life and start over again. I myself have also experienced this delay to move forward without constantly looking over my shoulder at my past mistakes and perceived inadequacies. To be honest, some days I feel like Superwoman and on other days those old, negative, toxic memories and unsavory decisions try to get the best of who I am divinely evolving into as an image consultant and transitional life coach for women. I have spent the last ... View Post

Speaking Your Truth & Standing in Your Power

Hello ladies, This particular post is about speaking your truth. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to openly share my journey depression because this is more of a personal reflection of how I felt during this dark period of my life. This is post is about the day I had officially decided to take back control of my life from the grips of mediocrity, stagnation, and emptiness that I had been experiencing for quite some time, but unsure of how I was going to fight back against what I had perceived to be the impossible; due to the fact that over the years I had disconnected and forgotten the essence of who I am as an empowered, spiritual being; one who lacked, at the then time, the courage and strength to elevate myself out of the dark abyss my life had momentarily descended ... View Post

Redefining Your Personal Style and Image:
The Power of Clothing

Hello Ladies, Today's article is all about investing in working with a holistic style consultant. Many women who are currently experiencing transformative life transitions have temporarily experienced losing their identity and self-direction in life, which ultimately contributes further to their dissatisfaction of the life they are currently living and no longer identify with. I also found myself at a crossroad when I too was undergoing a profound spiritual shift that resulted in a powerful transition within my own life, which led to the realization that my personal brand at the then time no longer suited or reflected the new direction my life was heading in, nor telegraphed the image I wanted to impress upon other people in my life, both personally and professionally. When our ... View Post

Importance of Investing in a Wardrobe Audit & Plan

Hello ladies, what exactly in wardrobe planning? Having a wardrobe plan and audit done at least once a year is an effective way of not only eliminating unwanted items in our closet, while simultaneously organizing the items that are still useful to us, but more importantly it will help you to effortlessly put yourself stylishly together with relevant, timeless outfits that will enable you to cultivate and nurture a personal brand that is reflective of your professional and personal aspirations. In my opinion a wardrobe audit serves four important purposes that every modern woman, who is currently experiencing a life transition whether personal or professional, will want to pay very close attention to; however, what exactly is a wardrobe audit and plan? A wardrobe audit is the ... View Post

Reconnecting with Passion & Purpose:
Meditation-Journaling- Action

Hello Ladies, At the beginning stages of my quarter-life transition there was a lot of turmoil and drama happening in my life right before I decided that I had had enough of living my life according to the antiquated scripts and dictates of my family and of society in general. Looking back on the last few years I now realize that a lot of the drama and turmoil that was swirling around me at the then time was the universe's aggressive, unrelenting way of getting my attention regardless of however long it would take. Ladies, when you have a specific calling on your life and you muck around with your opportunity to passionately live your purpose the universe has a way of turning everything upside down in your life; until you stop resisting, listen with your heart and unflinchingly stand in ... View Post

Body Shaming: An Image Professionals Perspective

  Hello Ladies, Today I came across two thought provoking articles exploring and discussing the much-debated topic of body shaming – which I am sure most of you are more than familiar with, including myself (raises hand). The one article featured in Women’s Health Magazine entitled These 5 Women Refuse to Let Their Physical ‘Flaws’ Define Them looks at the issue of body-shaming from the lived experiences of women who have contributed at one point in their life to self-objectification and devaluation of their own bodies, and the other article featured on, 8 Things Body Positive People Are Sick of Hearing Because It's Not About "Forcing People to Be Attracted to You" attempts to dismantle the notion that women who choose to identify as being body-positive are somehow ... View Post