What is Your Style Personality? And why is It Important?

Hello Ladies,We all have a style personality; however, have you discovered yours yet? Our style speaks volumes about who we are long before we have formally introduced ourselves to a potential high-profile client or HR manager. I am sure you have heard many image professionals stress the importance of first impressions, and that an individual has about 7 seconds or less to make a memorable first impression; but how do we successfully leave a lasting first impression that will entice and persuade, for example, a project manager to hire us without leaving any doubt in their mind that we are the best candidate for the project or position aside from our applicable skills set and experience?Listed below are my top 6 love ‘em or leave ‘em tips for any modern Gen-X woman who is ... View Post

Luxe in Toronto Life Coaching Retreat

The Luxe in Toronto Life Coaching Retreat™ was created from my lived experience of desperately needing an escape from the hectic busyness my life had become as a result of balancing motherhood, teaching a rambunctious group of kindergartners, and building a business from the ground up on my own without any emotional or financial support. My social life, at the time, had become non-existent and my passion for enjoying and experiencing the sweeter things of life eluded me. On most days, I felt like I was invisible to the world, but most importantly a stranger to myself. I felt suffocated, abandoned, and forced into a dreadful, repetitive routine that I perceived at the time I had no way out of. It was during this transitional phase of my life when I started to become more intentional about ... View Post

Colour Analysis: How It Can Impact Your ROI

What is Colour Analysis? And why is choosing the right colour palette considered an important and integral component of your image and style; more specifically your personal brand? Colour analysis is the process of discovering an individual’s most complementary colour palette according to their unique seasonal assessment that is based upon an individual’s skin tone, eye, and hair colour, as well as their overall appearance when wearing certain wardrobe and makeup colour combinations. You are probably wondering, what does colour seasons have to do with enhancing my personal brand? Your bewilderment is valid, as most individuals are unaware of the communicative impact correct colour application plays in our overall visual presentation; thus, the application of colour in our wardrobe can ... View Post