Style Personality: Sophisticated Classic Elegance

Hey ladies We are slowly narrowing down our Style Personality Series and today I will be looking at the Sophisticated Classic Elegant style personality; a personal favorite of mines. Why? Because this is my dominant style personality and one I have become quite fond of over the years; so, let's get started. But, before we get started with further defining your personal style as the Sophisticated Classic Elegant woman of style I highly encourage you to check out my article Personal Style: What's At Stake? Greater Opportunities. You admire luxe couture fashion, but embrace the elegance and classic sensibility of Ready to Wear and brand name collections. You are a woman who knows how to evoke elegance, class and charm by the way you are always effortlessly put together. Names synonymous ... View Post

Style Personality: Bold Artistic Maven

Hello Ladies, We are almost done with our featured 6 style personalities. Today I will be reviewing the style personality of the Bold Artistic Maven. Not many women dare to be as experimental and adventurous in their choice of wardrobe and accessories as the Bold Artistic Maven. You are artistically intuitive by nature; thus, you tend to gravitate toward eccentric, rare fashion and style pieces that are reflective of your natural ability to make a style statement wherever you go. Intense, contrasting colours are your go to palette and your overall look comes to life in structured silhouettes that are edgy and contemporary. You are a master manipulator of mixing textures, patterns and colours together to make any outfit pop among a crowd of people. Your shoes are always of the best ... View Post

Style Personality: Natural Elegant Beauty

Next on our style personality list is that of the Natural Elegant Beauty. This particular style personality is all about having an elegant and natural clothing style that reflects the essence of who you are. You are a woman who is free-spirited, adventurous and gravitates towards nature based and global experiences that allow you to feel as free as a bird; such as spending your free time at the beach or in a perfect world you would much rather spend your time exploring the sites of Morocco or taking a nature hike off the beaten track. Thus, the Natural Adventurous Beauty style personality tends to embrace the simple pleasures of life and looks best in clothing that are casually relaxed and effortlessly put together. A sizeable portion of your spring/summer wardrobe probably includes ... View Post

Style Personality: Whimsical Endearing Spirit

Hello Ladies, Today we will cover part 2. of our Style Personality series. The style personality of a Whimsical Endearing Spirit embraces clothing styles that incorporate soft pleating, fabrics that delicately drape around your body and you enjoy taking extra time to ensure you are properly presented as a lady ought to be. Your style is romantic, charming and whimsical. You do not gravitate toward bold colour palettes or colours that overpower you, nor do you feel comfortable in fashion silhouettes that have structured lines that do not add a visual element of softness to your overall look. If you choose to wear jeans you prefer to pair it with a softly pleated blouse or cashmere sweater with a matching camisole on the inside. If you are wearing a business suit for the office or ... View Post

Style Personality: Classic, Chic, Conservative

Hello Ladies, In my previous article entitled What is Your Style Personality? And Why is It Important I mentioned that I would follow-up with a series of companion articles explaining more in depth each of the 6 style personalities. Today I will explain in more detail the first of the 6 style personalities and that would be the Classic, Chic, Conservative style personality. However, before we start I would like to preface this article by stating that you may not fall neatly into any one specific style personality. Interestingly, you may intersect with 2 or 3 alternative style personalities that suit your personal style preferences. If you would like to learn and discover more about your style personality I highly suggest you review the Essence of Style Development Program which I ... View Post

How To Identify and Own Your Personal Style

Hello Ladies, Do you now how to identify your fashion style? Diane von Furstenberg said it best “assume-toi” – own oneself – a profound quote from her inspiring and motivational auto biography The Woman I Wanted to Be, which has influenced and guided me in my own personal transformation of rediscovering my personal style without limitation.  To own oneself, in my opinion, is to authentically trust and know who you are from within and to own it unapologetically, which ultimately is illuminated through your visual presence, also known as your personal style. As such, for one to own their personal style is to embrace all of who they are intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When we are clear about the image we want to project out into the world, for example as an ... View Post