Reinventing Your Online Presence

Hi Ladies, This weeks post will most resonate with women who are solopreneurs, wantrepreneurs and everything in between! So, I guess that would be you :-)  Short story: when I was going through my quarter-life crisis I was dealing with depression, anxiety and very low self-esteem, as a result I had withdrawn from my social circle of friends, closed ALL of my social media accounts and literally had one, active Twitter account which was an anonymous account used to mainly keep me engaged with what was going on in the world; pretty dramatic decision, I know. Looking back on that time in my life it was my way of attempting to erase not only myself, but all of the hurt, pain and disappointment I was feeling; you can read more about that here. However, what I learned during that very dark ... View Post

How to Rebrand Yourself After A Life Transition

Your image is authentically connected to who you are as a person, what you represent and how your core personal brand is visually perceived by other individuals who are perhaps meeting you for the first time - in person and online.   Today ladies, let's talk about how to rebrand yourself in 2018   Why is Personal Branding for Women in Transition Important?   Let me ask you this question first, what is your Core Personal Brand communicating about you? We all have one, but have you discovered yours as yet? If so, are you satisfied with the results that have manifested in your personal and professional life? And if not, why haven’t you taken time out to invest in you? Discovering your authentic image, style and personal brand is one of the most rewarding, ... View Post

Women in Transition:
Why you should hire a Personal Stylist Online

Hi ladies, If you are a woman currently eperiencing a life transition - should you hire a personal stylist online to help align your personal style to authentically reflect the new direction of your life as embark on making major transitions within in your life? If you are currently experiencing a life transition and can identify with one of the scenarios below, then hiring a personal stylist online should be one of your main priorities during this hectic, often stressful and uncertain time in your life. I too was once where you are; between passion and purpose. Knowing I wanted more for my life, but unsure of how I was going to get to that other side. However, I was also faced with another dilemma once I got through that tumultuous period in my life and that was revamping and ... View Post

What every woman in transition should have:
An Image & Style Blue Print

Hi Ladies, Today's post is all about Finding Your Personal Style After a Life Transition Your image should be uniquely packaged and authentically connected to your visual identity (personal brand). Your visual identity is made up of three distinct components and they consist of your visual communication which includes, but not limited to how you present yourself through the style, fit and colour of your personal and professional clothing choices, as well as your body language (non-verbal cues) and lastly your verbal communicative style. Knowing how to strategically align and enhance these three components are what make up your personal brand and will help catapult you into the next level of your life's transition. Why is this information important for you to know? Because how you ... View Post

What Would Your Style Personality Wear?
6 Fabulous Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Hello Ladies, I can’t believe that it’s officially the holiday season! And if you haven’t noticed yet, we have exactly 35 more days at the date of this post to start getting ourselves prepared for all the festive dinner soirees and after work Christmas parties we will no doubt be thumbing our fingers over wondering to ourselves what the heck we are going to wear without looking like a tragic, Christmas ornament? So, to kick off the festive holiday season today’s post will be dedicated to helping you figure out what look, style and fit you are interested in experimenting with this Christmas. But first, if you haven’t done so already I highly suggest checking out my article series on the varying style personalities that may resonate with you and which you most identify with. When you ... View Post

Holiday Self-Care Tips:
Renew Your Spirit During the Holiday Season

Hello Ladies, Do you ladies practice self care during festive holiday season? Below I share with you my top 5 self care tips. With the festive holiday season quickly approaching, remember to take care of and check in with - you - despite the hustle and bustle of the Christmas frenzy. It’s so necessary and important to remember to schedule time for yourself as a way for you to recharge, reconnect and spiritually tune-up your energies, so that you can be fully present in mind, body and soul. However, I know this is easier said than done; I totally get it, especially when you have last minute gifts to buy, a festive dinner party to plan, arrange the annual family portraits; in addition to finding the time to plan your fabulous, holiday outfits including hair and makeup. In recent years ... View Post