Sunday Night Style Chats:
MTV Red Carpet Looks, Aretha Franklin + Beyoncé

Hey ladies! Today's post is to introduce you all to my new Sunday night fashion, beauty, style and celebrity red carpet chit chat via my NEW YouTube channel. This week I've highlighted the MTV VMAS 2018 red carpet; mainly featuring Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and JLo. I also discussed the passing of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin and her battle with body shaming early on in her career. If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to check my recent article Aretha Franklin: Body Positivism & Style; and I also spend sometime towards the end of our style chat discussing the self-care movement and Beyoncé confession via the Vogue September 2018 issue with self-acceptance and self-love after giving birth to her adorable twins; you can also catch up on that specific post here Stay ... View Post

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends: Runway vs. Reality

Hello ladies, Mel's Top 10: Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Summer is slowly winding down and you know what that means… it’s time to begin the process of transitioning our fabulous summer wardrobe and accessories items for falls rich, decadent and eclectic color palette.  Ladies, this Fall season you will be witnessing a flash back to the 80s, the nostalgic 70s and a peak into the future. Below I have highlighted my Top 10 fall 2018 fashion trends that are wearable and on trend for the upcoming fall 2018 season.  Side note: If you are unsure about what trend/look will best suit your lifestyle and personality, I highly encourage you to check out my Discover the Essence of Your Personal Style Series (here) + (here). Also, a trend should never determine your self-worth or value; you ... View Post

Aretha Franklin: Body Positivism & Style

Here is a snippet of me discussing the article during my Sunday Night Style Chat on YouTube She commanded R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the 60s and carried herself with elegance, sass and style. You may know her as Aretha Franklin, but to her loyal fans across the world she was known to many as the Queen of Soul; especially when soul music was at its peak during the Civil Rights era. Make no mistake; Aretha Franklin’s legacy, music, and style savvy has left an indelible mark upon the world and has added yet a few more pages to the epoch of black history. Today’s post was inspired by an empowering statement I came across a few days ago as I was remembering the life of Aretha Franklin; where she brilliantly replied to a columnist by the name of Liz Smith who wrote for the New York Post and whom ... View Post

Sharing My Personal Journey of Life Transition

    You are absolutely, positively supposed to be reading the words on this page if you are about to embark on an important life transition or you are currently experiencing one and are feeling somewhat stuck and overwhelmed. Change is inevitable, and if you are not equipped with a holistic blueprint of how you are going to navigate that transition (mid life crisis in your 30s and 40s) you run the risk of being trapped in a life that doesn’t align with your core values or your authentic purpose in life. I can speak to such a life because I was once where you are; at a crossroad, intuitively knowing I wanted more for my life but unsure or rather fearful of how I was going to make it happen. Seeds of Transition In my final year of university, something shifted in me. My ... View Post

Beyoncé Vogue 2018 Issue: Self-Care Re-Examined

Here is a snippet of me discussing the article during my Sunday Night Style Chat on YouTube “During my recovery, I gave myself self-love and self-care, and I embraced being curvier. I accepted what my body wanted to be”. (Vogue September 2018 – Beyoncé) These words were eloquently spoken by Beyoncé in a recent article published in the Vogue September 2018 issue. What stood out the most to me through out this inspiring article is her unapologetic and fierce acceptance of who she is and the way she is choosing to show up in her life both personally and professionally, despite the many life transitions she has experienced over the past few years. The self-care and self-love movement is having an impact on women both young and old around the world; to live it authentically ... View Post

Summer Trends: What Would Your Style Personality Wear?

Hi Ladies, Now that the winter season is officially behind us and we are FINALLY approaching the lovely summer season I thought I would do a two-part post highlighting some of the key trends for the upcoming 2018 Spring/Summer fashion trends to keep you motivated and inspired as you prepare to transition your image and personal style from the old to the new! But, before you dive into this month’s style post, I highly suggest that you read my introductory posts on the 6 diverse style personalities; as it will help you to clarify where your style preferences resonate and what direction you will take when evolving your personal style with passion and purpose! Spring 2018 trends as they apply to the Whimsical Endearing Spirit women of style this season will be one of fanciful ... View Post