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 1. Current LifestyleYour current wardrobe aligns positively with the direction your life is heading in. If you are changing careers, in the process of launching your own business, starting a new job or revamping your staggering social life how you dress and feel about yourself is directly influenced and reflected through your inner self-confidence, and your core personal values.

2. Essence of Style – The essence of who you genuinely are is naturally illuminated through your unique style personality and your image management techniquesWhat is your style personality? Your style personality makes up the essence of your authentic inner spirit, and your preferred style aesthetic. You will find that some women will consistently gravitate towards a particular cut, fit and style of clothing, while other women may enjoy experimenting with various colour combinations, patterns and fabrics. These fashion and style preferences are linked to the original six style archetypes exemplified below:

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Classic Chic Conservative
Whimsical Endearing Spirit
Natural Adventurous Beauty
Bold Artistic Maven
Sophisticated Classic Elegance
Confident Enchanting Temptress

3. Colour Synergy  – Your wardrobe and accessory colours can positively enhance your interactions with others, or negatively impact your ability to visually communicate and interact with an empowered, commanding presence. Incorrect colour application can distract and dilute or overpower your personal brand’s credibility, trustworthiness and authenticity. Correct colour application is the foundation to building a well-rounded wardrobe, thus contributing to the overall authenticity of your personal image and style.

4. Functional Wardrobe: Your wardrobe and accessories accommodates your lifestyle and offers you variety and versatility. A functional wardrobe will allow you to easily transition from your executive 9-5 corporate look to a vibrant, authentic image that equally commands a stylish, unique and empowered image that is reflective of your active social life or the one you desire.

Ladies, we are communicating to the world on a subconscious level that we either value and respect ourselves or we dislike and undervalue our self-worth; which ultimately influences how key people in our life will respond to, interact and communicate with us based on the same level of respect we extend to ourselves.


3 Month Personal Image & Style Development Programs

Dating with Purpose & Clarity

Dating with Purpose and Clarity program is designed for women who are re-entering the world of dating, whether online or off and have done the inner work on themselves and are ready to attract into their lives their ideal partner. This program will support and coach you through re-defining your personal style.

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Clarifying Program Questions

Below is an extensive list of questions regarding our image and style programs and services. Please review them carefully, as you will gain greater insight into how I like to work with my clients; thus, giving you a chance to decide if you and I will be a good fit to work with one another.If you have any further questions don’t be a…

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Toronto Image Consultant

Influential Woman of Style

Influential Women of Style™ is an image and style reboot program created to empower you to take back control of your authentic image and style. Melissa will work closely with you in re-creating a holistic, vibrant, new image which will re-energize and heal how you feel about yourself from the inside out…

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