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image consultant toronto

I am often asked why Image Consulting  and Personal Styling? And my answer usually goes like this – I genuinely enjoy what I do, and what better service can one human being provide to another by providing them with the tools to aid them in reaching their divine inner potential and highest purpose in life. Image Management is not only about the superficial perks of looking great on the outside. A professional image consultant and personal stylist will challenge you to embrace your undiscovered talent, explore your goals and vision for your life while packaging those qualities into a FABULOUS personal brand that complements your lifestyle aspirations, while also adding value to your life. It is my job as your holistic image consultant and personal stylist to support you in that transition; one that yields positive, tangible, exciting results!

I can help you do this by strategically assessing, planning and implementing an image and personal style rebrand strategy that uniquely represents my clients – why in life. Helping other women to discover their ‘it factor’ is what makes my job immensely satisfying both professionally and personally. I deeply believe that my work is meant to be within the women’s empowerment space and I look forward to helping you realize your inner potential.

image consultant toronto

image consultant toronto

My Clients

Are women just like you! high-achieving, inspiring women who are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, multitasking working moms who all share one thing in common, the desire to live an authentic, empowered and meaningful life; and to do so looking stylish, polished, confident and uniquely distinct.

Hiring a certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist offers to you, in my opinion, three important benefits:

1. As your personal image and style coach I can provide you with valuable insight and feedback from an objective, professional point of view that will give you a renewed perspective on how you are currently presenting yourself within your career, social networking circles and in your personal life.

2. It is a lifetime investment that will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively maintain and invest in unique wardrobe and accessory items that authentically complement your personal and professional brand; as a result, eliminating unnecessary wasted time and money on items that you will never wear and that which do not authentically represent who you are as a person; a second pair of eyes will always see what another cannot.

3. If you choose to take advantage of my empowerment life coaching sessions you will gain greater clarity and focus on what your next steps will be in transitioning and transforming your life from the old to the new.

Additional support is always an added advantage when revamping your life from the ground up. Empowerment Life Coaching provides you with practical, insightful, actionable steps that take into consideration the individual’s holistic well-being.


Sign Up: Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session

If you are a woman currently experiencing important transitions within your professional or personal life I highly recommend that you sign-up  for my complimentary 30-minute lifestyle clarity session. During your 30-minute session with me, you can ask questions about any of the signature programs or services that you are interested in learning more about. The session is intended to help you further understand more about how I like to approach each program and service that I offer to fabulous women, such as yourself! Once you have a firm understanding of the program structure and benefits, you are more than welcome to proceed with investing in the one that best suits your image and personal style GOALS!

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