Overview of The Dating with Clarity & Purpose Program

Ladies, have you sensed for a while that something special is missing from your life and you are now prepared to take a leap of faith and begin the process of seeking the one? The Dating with Purpose and Clarity program is designed for women who are re-entering the world of dating after a divorce or many years of being single and have done the inner work on themselves and are ready to attract into their lives their ideal partner. This program will support and coach you in re-defining your personal style.

If you are rebounding from divorce or have been a perpetual single professional you will want to ask these very important questions before creating an image that will intentionally attract your ideal partner, and that would be:

1. What does this person look like on the inside (values, goals and ambition in life)?

2. What are they most passionate about? Lastly, and most importantly do their values reflect your own?

Once you have a clear mental image of who this person is and the direction you hope to take this new relationship, only then can we begin to piece together an authentic image and style that will facilitate your goal of meeting and dating your ideal life partner.

After completing the 1-week foundation Personal Image and Style revamp portion of your program, you will receive an additional 3 months of image and style coaching and support from Melissa. To successfully transition from one phase of your life to the next whether for personal or professional reasons having additional support in place will further ensure that you are on track to achieving your personal image and style goals, thus giving you a renewed attitude and optimistic approach to successfully elevating within your social circle, dating life or for other personal development purposes.

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Dating with Purpose & Clarity Program Includes The Following Benefits:

Melissa’s goal is to coach and support you in reclaiming a personal image and style that reflects the new direction your personal lifestyle is evolving into. Whether you are interested in meeting your life partner or you would like to add vibrancy back into your weekend-social wardrobe Melissa will be available to you for 3 months on an exclusive retainer to assist you with putting together various looks that are suitable to the various social and special occasion related events you will be required to attend. Looks are styled according to the current season the 3 months fall within (Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer). You can also expect to receive on minimum 60 – 80 versatile, professionally styled looks utilizing both your existing and new wardrobe + accessory items.

Curated, personal style, digital mood board that will visually exemplify and guide you through styling specific wardrobe items and accessories based upon your personal lifestyle goals and the direction that you will be transitioning your life moving forward in the program. Each look is put together with the intention of guiding you in visually putting yourself together with passion and purpose, for example, if you have decided to start dating again with the intention of hopefully finding your soulmate or enhancing your social life to authentically align with the new lifestyle you are creating for yourself.

Personalized colour application booklet to assist you when shopping. A very resourceful shopping aid that you will no doubt rely upon every once and awhile. Melissa will teach you how to use your personalized colour booklet when you are unsure if a trending colour of the season will look amazing on you or have you looking dull and ineffectual. This also includes your best metal (silver or gold).

 3 bonus image & style maintenance coaching sessions @ 30 minutes (1 per month). I’m just a phone call or email away. I have found that the first few weeks after your 1-week foundations image and style overhaul is completed, is usually when questions will abound. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the bonus image and style coaching sessions with me, as it is a good opportunity to get clear on the do’s and don’ts of your new wardrobe transformation.

Social Events ~ Whether it is a high profile red carpet event, an intimate wedding destination invite or a luxury Caribbean getaway I am available to you within the allotted 3-month time frame to coach and support you through any image and styling dilemmas you may have. Included are personally styled outfits for the various social events you will be attending; including hair and makeup advice.

Exclusive lifetime membership to Melissa’s Image & Style Facebook group. Accessible to clients who have successfully completed the Personal Image & Style program and would like to connect with other like-minded, ambitious women who have courageously transformed their lives.

Structure of The Dating with Purpose & Clarity Program

Our image and style development programs focuses on educating, coaching and supporting our client through the process – one step at a time. Thus, Melissa has carefully designed a 3-month personal image and style development program that attentively looks at your perceived personal brand, as well as your current and desired life style, which then leads to the creation and execution of a results driven personal image and style action plan.

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Session 1.We will go over your lifestyle questionnaire that you submitted online + your image and style vision statement via phone or Skype. During your session, we will clarify and create your personal image and style vision statement, which is based on your core personal values and your intended personal goals. You will also receive a mini workbook to help guide you through the duration of your program. Establishing a solid foundation during week 1 of your transition and transformation is pivotal to ensuring your desired results.

Session 2. You will discover and learn more about colour synergy and the importance of correctly applying your signature colours to your career wardrobe and everyday accessories. Specific colour application will be utilized to correctly analyze your core colours/related season (Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer) and your flow seasonal colour analysis. A very detailed and scientific method will be used to complete this portion of your transformation.

Session 3. Two topics will be covered: The Essence of Style and Body Analysis. I will go over your exact measurements and discuss in detail styling tips and tricks that are specific to your body type, including your facial proportion and specific accessories that can further enhance your facial features. The Essence of Style can either be done in-person or Skype. You will learn about the 6 style archetypes and how your style personality is connected to at least two of these fabulous archetypes.

Session 4. This phase of your program is very intense, but also cathartic as we spend a significant amount of time detoxing your closet, which means you will be letting go of a lot of emotional baggage you probably never realized was attached to the current condition and energetic vibe of your personalized wardrobe. I promise you when we are finished detoxing and reorganizing your wardrobe and closet you will feel more uplifted mentally and spiritually. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves because we are going to get to work in helping you emotionally let go of clothing pieces that are no longer serving a purpose in your new life and the direction that it is transitioning into. Also included in this session is an in-depth exploration of your current wardrobes colour foundation and how your recent colour analysis conducted during session 2 will be incorporated into your new wardrobe. Melissa will also take you to the tailors (if needed) to alter clothing items that can be re-worked into your wardrobe, as well as donate clothing items that are no longer serving you a purpose.

Session 5.Shopping with intention is the game plan. Based on our previous sessions together I will have created a transitional image and style report for you. Having a solid understanding of the direction your new personal image and style will transition into is key to shopping effectively and with purpose.

There are two options available to you for this portion of your program:

First option: I can pre-shop a few stores for you according to your chosen wardrobe budget and your Essence of Style report, I will then have you meet me at the selected stores where you simply come in, try on the outfits I have chosen for you and at that point you can purchase what you feel most fabulous and comfortable in. Advantage of this option is the opportunity to shop in stores you otherwise would never have considered shopping at prior to booking me as your personal stylist. Learn how to invest in key clothing items that will elevate your image and style immediately without having to wade through racks of clothing that are not reflective, nor suitable to your current or desired lifestyle.

Second option:The VIP Experience: I personally visit various pre-selected stores based on your image and style report and will curate various outfits for you to choose from. However, instead of physically going into a department store to try on the outfits, you will visit me at my home studio or I can bring the outfits and accessories to you at your home or office. The advantages of this option is additional privacy, no sales associate lingering around to interrupt your time of relaxation. Lastly, you will enjoy the boasting rights of having a luxury shopping experience brought to the comfort of your home just like the celebrities do in Tinseltown. Additional fee for this option.

Session 6. Hair and Makeup consult. I absolutely love this final part of your program because we are finally ready to pull everything together, thus completing your transformational makeover. We will spend time discussing hairstyle options and vibrant makeup colors that are suitable to your profession. A private online hair and makeup look book will be created for you to browse through and for you to choose what is most appealing. Once you have made your final selections I will then set-up an in-person appointment for you with one of my exclusive hair and makeup experts where we will re-create the hairstyle you most felt a connection with via your online look-book of hairstyles. Also, if you need a mini refresher lesson in how to apply make-up correctly this option is also available.

Session 7. Melissa will be in contact with you shortly after your one-week foundations phase of the program is over to schedule and review with you any special occasions, date nights and vacations you will be attending. Once all dates have been tentatively confirmed, Melissa will be at your disposal for 3 months to further assist, support and coach you until you have successfully achieved the desired personal transition and transformation you set out to accomplish in your personal image and style vision statement.

Once all dates have been tentatively confirmed, I will be at your disposal for 3 months to further assist, support and coach you until you have successfully achieved the desired personal transition and transformation you set out to accomplish in your personal image and style vision statement.

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If you are a woman currently experiencing important transitions within your personal life I highly recommend that you apply for the complimentary 30 minute Dating with Purpose & Clarity Image & Style Session. During your 30-minute session with Melissa you will discuss any image and style dilemmas that you are currently encountering and next steps to take if you choose to move forward as an exclusive client of Melissa’s. Please ensure you fill out our Dating with Purpose & Clarity Image & Style Clarity application form with all the required information. Once received and approved, Melissa will confirm a date for your image and style clarity session.

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