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1. Career GoalsBefore we can begin creating or reviving your professional image, it’s a good idea to envision where you want to be in your career or small business within the next 3-5 years. Questions to consider include: What role or professional title will you have achieved by this point? Are you leading a team of people or do you work with an exclusive group of clients? Do you want to travel often for business related purposes or will you work from the comfort of your home office?

2. Current or Desired Profession  – Whether you are returning to the workforce after years of being a stay at home mom or transitioning from the corporate 9-5 grind into entrepreneurship it is important to thoughtfully consider the role and professional title you will be interviewing for or the one you will be creating for yourself through your own business. Furthermore, if you are a budding entrepreneur you will want to pay very close attention to how your personal brand is communicated and interpreted offline and online. Strategically planning and preparing for the career you want will further assist you in creating an image that is credible, impeccably polished and appealing.

3. Your Personal BrandHave you done an honest evaluation of your online and offline reputation within the industry you will be building your career or business in? Do you have a LinkedIn profile that is dedicated to building your professional network? Are you active on Twitter or Instagram? And do you own a personal blog with your name as the domain name? All of these elements are what contribute to your personal brand. Your personal brand is a culmination of your personal and professional image (visual identity), how your reputation is perceived within the public, more specifically among your work colleagues and clients; what are your core personal values and do your values reflect and align with your online brand? Lastly, is your personal brand authentic and relatable?

4. Visual Impact of Your Image and Style – Your professional image and style will play an integral role in your success or failure as an ambitious new hire, seasoned executive or budding entrepreneur. Potential clients, work colleagues, supervisors and the public will always have access to some element of your personal brand, whether offline or online. How you conduct yourself offline should always positively align with the person you project to be online, otherwise people will peg you as being inauthentic and not someone who strikes them as being professional or someone who can effectively represent, for example, a reputable company brand, or competently meet the needs of a high profile client.

6 Month Professional Image & Style Development Program

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Clarifying Program Questions

Below is an extensive list of questions regarding our image and style programs and services. Please review them carefully, as you will gain greater insight into how I like to work with my clients; thus, giving you a chance to decide if you and I will be a good fit to work with one another.If you have any further questions don’t be a…

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Birth of An Entrepreneur

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