Movies That Inspired My Style Over The Years

baby houseman outfits

Hello gorgeous!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog.

I hope you all are having a FABULOUS summer season thus far 🙂 My first style post here on the blog has been inspired by my recent Netflix and chill day. You know that one day off you curl up on the couch, treat yourself to a large multi flavored slurpy and assume the Netflix and chill position; Ahh, the stuff of summer; and what better way to kick off the summer season than with one of my favorite summer movies – Dirty Dancing! This movie will forever be a classic in my books and I think I pretty much have most off Baby’s lines memorized back to back. Dirty Dancing = everything to do with carefree, summer vibes, summer love and long, balmy walks along the lake.

I distinctly remember admiring Baby’s (Jennifer Grey) cute jean shorts, peach tank top and white tennis shoes as she strolled across the bridge going to meet her summer love Johnny (Patrick Swazy) for their first, ahem, dance lesson. A simple, natural and carefree ensemble that coyly made the statement to Johnny I’m here! Ready to explore the summer with you. Well, that was my initial interpretation when I first watched it all those years ago and it still is. What I also remember is repeatedly rewinding that part of the movie because I just loved how natural, and effortlessly stylish she looked sashaying across the bridge. When I visually remember Baby’s notable outfits from Dirty Dancing I remember a few of the hit songs from the movie sound track, how Johnny called her over to him to dance for the very first time in the clubhouse and how awkward, but fabulous she looked trying to keep in step and rhythm with all the other dancers.

So, my question to you is what movie from the past or present has inspired aspects of your personal style? The essence of your personal style evolves overtime and should also be influenced by non-traditional forms of ‘style inspiration’ apart from the usual fashion magazines, music videos and red-carpet celebs – typical, right? Who or what thing from the past has inspired your style? Perhaps it was your first vacation you took to Europe or the Caribbean; maybe it was a specific song you heard one summer that made you dance, sing and feel sexy. Pay attention to the non-traditional outlets of fashion, beauty and style; and use your responses to them as a way gauge and cultivate the essence of your personal style; and most importantly make it your own.

Until next time.

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