2018 Spring Style: Whimsical Endearing Spirit

This week I will be covering the Spring 2018 trends as they apply to the Whimsical Endearing Spirit style personality and the Sophisticated Classic Elegant style personality. Spring style for women this season will be one of fanciful embellishments and romantic pastels. If you haven’t done so already I highly suggest you take a few moments to review my previous article entitled What is Your Style Personality and Why is It Important? As it delves into detail about what the essence of your personal style consists of and links to the 6-style personalities in more detailed.

spring style for women

Spring style for women whose style personality is that of the Whimsical Endearing Spirit will have plenty of fanciful trends to choose from this 2018 Spring season. Sequins will be a fun trend to experiment with this season; however, because you are a considered a romantic style personality be strategic as to how you incorporate this embellishment into your spring wardrobe. I’ve chosen a graphic t-shirt outlined in sequins to keep this look on trend and paired it with a whimsical teal blue skirt and fabulous pink heels. Balance is key, as you will hear me often state when I am discussing fashion trends and applying them to the essence of your personal style. The Whimsical Endearing Spirit is ultra feminine and romantic; as such, you will want to add accents of sequins sparingly to your outfits this Spring/Summer as to avoid overpowering the essence of your personal style.

spring style for women

This style personality will undoubtedly resonate with the soft, muted pastels that are trending this season. If you do not want to appear too delicate when working in conservative, corporate environments anchor the romantic pastels of this season with neutrals to offset the delicate, romantic energy of this year’s spring pastel colours. Whether it be in your work bag and shoes, pant and blazer or cardigan you can always balance the softness of pastels with neutral colours such as, grey, navy blue, black and tan to impress upon your work colleagues, supervisor and perhaps your clients that you embrace your sensual femininity, but you also mean business.

spring style for women

Ruffles are another trend that will be making an appearance this season. Be sure not to wear to much ruffles with this style personality, as it will overpower the essence of your personal style and take the attention off you and put unnecessary emphasis on your outfit in a negative light. Remember, the Whimsical Endearing Spirit style personality resonates best with delicate fabrics that softly drape and accentuate your feminine curves and illuminates your romantic vibes. Add a little twinkle in the form of beading in your accessories and this style personality is ready for the Spring 2018 season.

Up next, the Sophisticate Classic Elegance style personality

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