2018 Spring Style: Bold Artistic Maven

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The one question I am sure most of you are toiling around with at the moment is what to wear this spring? Before we delve any further into this month style series featuring some of 2018 Spring trends if you haven’t done so already, please review the previous article I wrote entitled What is Your Style Personality? Why is It Important? I wrote it with the intention of helping women figure out where their style inspiration may resonate and how to further cultivate your current style into an authentic, signature brand that illuminates the best of who you are.

Today,  I would like to spend some time discussing what to wear this spring if you are  Bold Artistic Maven style personality. Again, if you are unfamiliar with this particular style personality I highly suggest you review my other articles detailing the 6 style personalities and how to best identify the essence of your style. What I like to advice and motivate my clients to remember is that how you feel about yourself from within, is intimately linked to how you visually present yourself to the world. Ultimately, how you choose to show up in your in life negative or positive is reflected in your personal style.

what to wear this spring?

What to wear this spring? If you suspect that you are a Bold Artistic Maven style personality then you are quite versatile in your clothing preferences and are quite experimental when putting together varying looks that suit this particular style preference. This spring bold stripes in multi-colours and candy stripe pink and red will be making an appearance everywhere this Spring. If you opt to wear bold stripes this Spring be sure to find a stripe pattern that works with your body proportions. Stripe it up in casual everyday wear or make an elegant statement in a white on stripe suit.

what to wear this spring?

The Bold Artistic Maven is making major decisions on the job in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur in edgy, utilitarian style and structured trench dresses this spring. If you decide to experiment with the utilitarian and trench dress look be sure to select accessory pieces that are equally as bold, yet understated. Too many accessories will overpower you and it will look like you are a walking editorial advertisement. Keep your accessories minimal; opt for statement earrings and a simple ring, or a statement ring and simple earrings. You can also pair this look leopard or a pop of saturated colours from springs colour palette for the 2018 season.


what to wear this spring?


Inspirations from Japan have influenced the silhouettes of this year’s spring dresses for women. A refreshing and bold take on the traditional summer dress; adds length, intricate floral patterns and unique colour pairings. As a Bold Artistic Maven keep your accessories unique and vibrant. Do ensure you choose a Kimono style dress that fits your body proportions appropriately and that you are not overpowered by too much fabric, balance is key. I love adding unexpected colours to an outfit, as way to further highlight unusual accent colours which adds another layer of fabulous to any outfit.

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