2018 Spring Style: Natural Adventurous Beauty

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Now that the holidays are behind us and we are officially one month into the new year I thought I would do a post highlighting some of the key trends for the upcoming 2018 Spring fashion trends to keep you motivated and inspired as we endure the next few months of the gloomy winter season. But, before you dive into this month’s style post, I highly suggest that you read my introductory posts on the 6 diverse style personalities; as it will help you to clarify where your style preferences resonate and what direction you will evolve your Spring wardrobe pieces when you start transitioning your Fall/Winter wardrobe and accessory pieces into the pending Spring season.

spring outfit ideas

The Natural Adventurous Beauty will have plenty of trends to pick and choose from this season. One trend I can definitely say this style personality will feel most comfortable in is the all denim everything style! Denim is of course a must have staple item in any wardrobe, but this spring season in fashion, denim on denim and denim paired with rugby red is going to be very popular and rightfully so. It’s a great colour combination that most colour seasons can wear effortlessly. Mix and match your separates to keep your look versatile and on trend or you can opt for a denim on denim look and keep it simple, effortless and fabulous.


spring outfit ideas

Pastels in bloom is what came to mind when I was putting together this 9-5, C-Suite look. Pastels will be making a romantic entrance this season, so be sure to invest in a few wardrobe items that fall within this colour palette. Many stylist and other image professional will often debate if pastels should be worn in the corporate environment. I say go for it! Just as long as you balance it out with a neutral colour such as beige/nude, white, black, grey and navy blue. For example, you will want to opt for a smoky-grey pant suit with a soft pink or blue blouse on the inside; or you could wear a beige skirt with a blue pastel blouse and a matching blazer. Just remember that the key to wearing pastel in a professional environment is to keep it minimal and accessorize it with simple, elegant accessory pieces.


spring outfit ideas

Sequins after the holidays! Yes, it’s happening this season. BUT, it’s not your typical head to toe ‘festive’ sequins ensemble. Your style personality tends to lean towards simple, carefree styles; so, you will want to keep your sequins to a minimum. If you decide to opt for a sequins dress, keep the attention on the dress only; opt for a simple, elegant bag and shoes. You can also wear a simple, sequins top and pair it with a basic bottom like a skirt or pants and you’ve pretty much nailed this fabulous, unexpected fabric that will be wearing this Spring.

Up next, the Whimsical Endearing Spirit style personality

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