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Hi Ladies,

This weeks post will most resonate with women who are solopreneurs, wantrepreneurs and everything in between! So, I guess that would be you 🙂 

Short story: when I was going through my quarter-life crisis I was dealing with depression, anxiety and very low self-esteem, as a result I had withdrawn from my social circle of friends, closed ALL of my social media accounts and literally had one, active Twitter account which was an anonymous account used to mainly keep me engaged with what was going on in the world; pretty dramatic decision, I know. Looking back on that time in my life it was my way of attempting to erase not only myself, but all of the hurt, pain and disappointment I was feeling; you can read more about that here. However, what I learned during that very dark period in my life is that cutting myself off from the world and my then social circle of friends indirectly damaged my reputation and career opportunities because I was not actively monitoring and nurturing my online presence; after exiting a very toxic and damaging relationship – which you can read more about here. My point is that if you are not actively and strategically rebuilding your personal brand after your life transition whether it was a negative or positive experience, then you are missing out on many opportunities to take your personal story like I did and create something EMPOWERING and beautiful out of it. Whether it is utilizing your personal story to inspire and motivate other women, taking what you’ve learned (good or bad) and turning it into a profitable business or starting a woman’s empowerment blog speaking to the issues that you faced during that time in your life!

Level Up Your Professional Online Presence

Professionally Styled LinkedIn Photo(s): If you are an executive, CEO or entrepreneurial woman your LinkedIn profile is an important and instrumental networking tool that will give you the needed exposure and credibility to further advance your career goals or business opportunities, as well as enhancing your personal brand – if done properly. Your LinkedIn profile is just as, or even more important than your actual resume; due to the fact that potential employers or future clients will Google your name to find out if the person showcased on your LinkedIn profile measures up to the person presented on the resume or portfolio in front of them. Your LinkedIn profile photo should visually pique the interest of a potential employer or client, it should also visually communicate your authenticity, credibility and your professional designation; whether you are in a creative field like fashion, public relations and advertising or a more conservative career such as a lawyer, doctor, academic professor or technology.

Princeton Psychologist Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov concluded that “it only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face” and that “80 to 90 percent of that first impression is based on just two qualities — trustworthiness and competence.” When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn photo or had a professional Image Consultant objectively assess the effectiveness of your current profile photo? Have you considered how many lucrative client projects and career opportunities you’ve possibly been overlooked for because of a mediocre or dated profile photo that did not persuasively illuminate your unique personal brand.

Website Bio Photo(s): Next to your LinkedIn photo, your website bio photo(s) are just as important; especially if you are an online, service based entrepreneur. Trust, competence and authenticity are three visual cues that ought to be conveyed through your photos along with your website copy and content. Your bio photo/head shot acts as a virtual business card that is available to the public (potential clients and investors) 24/7. When you are asleep, in a business meeting or traveling to a work conference your website photos are actively promoting your personal brand, services and expertise. Your bio photos/head shots should visually communicate to a prospective client or investor that you are passionate about what you do, take pride in your expertise or area of specialization and that you are the woman who can get the job done.

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online presence


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Melissa .T. Jarred is a certified Toronto Image Consultant and Personal Stylist who works with women expeiencing life transitions who feel deep within their soul that it is time to not only up-level and overhaul their entire life, but to also revamp their image and personal style to authentically align and reflect with the new changes that are emerging in your life.

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