Personal Branding for Women in Transition

personal branding for women

Your image is authentically connected to who you are as a person, what you represent and how your core personal brand is visually perceived by other individuals who are perhaps meeting you for the first time – in person and online.


Why is Personal Branding for Women
in Transition Important?


Let me ask you this question first, what is your Core Personal Brand communicating about you? We all have one, but have you discovered yours as yet? If so, are you satisfied with the results that have manifested in your personal and professional life? And if not, why haven’t you taken time out to invest in you? Discovering your authentic image, style and personal brand is one of the most rewarding, empowering gifts you can give to yourself during a time of transition within your life. An image that has strategically been created to enhance your personal brand is, essentially, telling a story about who you are.

As a certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist I am dedicated in assisting women to strategically transform their image, and ultimately their lifestyle with one goal in mind and that is to confidently and boldly help you embrace the many transitional changes that are currently unfolding in your professional or personal life. Have you ever noticed that when life is nudging you into a new season of challenging experiences or redirection we often do one of two things, we either avoid any conflict that will bring about that change or we haphazardly embrace it without creating a bullet-proof game plan to bounce back successfully from?

We will often put all of our attention and energy into getting through that specific event, but once we are on the other side of that experience we’ve somehow carried over fragments of our former selves? As a result, we may hang on to the old image and self-sabotaging beliefs and habits of who we once were, while simultaneously trying to fit into the new direction our life is currently taking us in.

Whether you are starting a new job, making a career change, venturing into the world as an entrepreneur or seeking personal fulfillment in another area of your life it is important to ensure that you are emotionally and mentally prepared to transition into your re-purposed life; a life that positively aligns with your new image and core personal brand.

Apply: Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session


If you are a woman currently experiencing important transitions within your professional or personal life I highly recommend that you apply for our complimentary 30-minute lifestyle clarity session. During your 30-minute session with Melissa you will discuss the area of life you are currently feeling stuck within or perhaps you are experiencing your first transition and would like feedback on what your next steps should be and how to move forward as an exclusive client of Melissa’s if you choose to enroll in one of her signature image & style development programs or transitional life coaching sessions.

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