Women in Transition:
Why you should hire a Personal Stylist

personal branding for women

Hi ladies,

If you are currently experiencing a life transition and can identify with one of the scenarios below, then hiring a personal stylist should be one of your main priorities during this hectic, often stressful and uncertain time in your life. I too was once where you are now! Between passion and purpose. Knowing I wanted more for my life, but unsure of how I was going to get to that other side. However, I also was faced with another dilemma once I got through that tumultuous period in my life and that was revamping and overhauling my entire look from the ground up to authentically align with the direction my new life was taking me in – GOOD BYE, frumpy grey clothes! Hello, vibrant color and elegant silhouettes.

You are at a point in your life where you feel stuck and doubtful about the many decisions that are confronting you and desire clarity, as well as implementing massive changes in your life.

You are no longer content with settling for mediocrity. You desire more fulfillment, joy and quality experiences in your life and want to up-level your lifestyle to align with your life passion and purpose.

You’ve been a stay at home mom for a few years and will be returning to the workforce; realizing you need to revamp your image, recreate your personal brand (if you have one) and begin the process of networking in an industry you’ve been out of touch with for a few years. Are you feeling doubtful and overwhelmed?

Are you a Wantrepreneur who is having difficulty in discovering your visual identity? Do you secretly check out the websites and social media profiles of competitors you admire? You know you have the talent and drive to make it happen for yourself, but at the same time you are doubtful about how to strategically position and visually package yourself ?

You’ve dedicated a few years to establishing your professional career and ensuring your financial security, and you are now ready to pursue the complicated online world of dating in hopes of finding your life partner, but where do you begin?

If you identify with one or more of the above transitional scenarios, perhaps it is time to find out how Melissa can assist you in transforming your image and life?

In fact, you can start here Lifestyle Clarity Session with Mel

Mel J.

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