What every woman in transition should have:
An Image & Style Blue Print

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Hi Ladies,

Your image should be uniquely packaged and authentically connected to your visual identity (personal brand). Your visual identity is made up of three distinct components and they consist of your visual communication which includes, but not limited to how you present yourself through the style, fit and colour of your personal and professional clothing choices, as well as your body language (non-verbal cues) and lastly your verbal communicative style. Knowing how to strategically align and enhance these three components are what make up your personal brand and will help catapult you into the next level of your life’s transition. Why is this information important for you to know? Because how you authentically feel about your self-image – which is intimately linked to your personal brand – during and after your life transition will impact how you show up in life and ultimately communicate with others as you repair your self-esteem, confidence and inner strength to embrace all of the new changes that are happening in your in life.

Anatomy of Your Visual Identity

  • Strategically enhance your visual appearance, resulting in an immediate increase in your self-esteem, confidence and credibility.Your appearance is a visual component of your personal brand. How you choose to present your personal brand will positively or negatively impact your perceived credibility online and off. As such, identifying your fashion style is an important first step to navigating your image and style blueprint. Read Article

  • Body Type Analysis: Discover how to strategically dress your body shape and enhance your best features. Learning how to effectively dress your body type is an integral part of managing your visual appearance. Whether you are curvy, lean or athletically toned knowing how and when to highlight or conceal certain reference points that are unique to your body type will give you added confidence when preparing, for example, an interview, client meeting or presenting at a conference. Read Article

  • Essence of Style: Explore and discover your authentic style personality; this is directly linked to your Core Personal Brand. What is a style personality? It is the essence of who you are; your quirks, preferences in clothing, accessories and particular style icons who you gravitate towards and are inspired by – A contemporary fashion makeover does not have to be intimidating. Read Article

  • Wardrobe Audit: Learn how to edit and organize your daily clothing choices, both professional and personal. Create wardrobe modules for ease and function based on your current lifestyle and appropriate season (Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer). As you prepare to transition and transform your life, so too does your clothing (wardrobe) need to reflect that change. A professional wardrobe audit should be carefully planned, organized and executed. Read Article

  • Color Synergy: Explore your signature colors. Correct color application is the foundation to building and maintaining a structured, well-rounded wardrobe that works best for you and your lifestyle. Yes, correct color application plays an integral role in your visual appearance. There is a psychological element at play when we choose specific colors to wear for professional or personal purposes. Whether you are an entry level graduate with aspirations of elevating to the C-Suite or you are an established professional/entrepreneur who is interested in revamping their brand, knowing how to apply your signature colors appropriately will immediately enhance your overall look, while adding vibrancy to your personal brand. Read Article

  • Grooming Facilitation: An evaluation of your current grooming routine (hair, nails, teeth, eyeglasses and body posture), advice on how to improve upon and enhance problem areas that may give other people the impression that you are lazy, disorganized and unkempt. Professional referrals are part of our signature fashion makeover and image & style development programs, as needed.

    If you are woman in transition, ensuring you are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to up-level and illuminate the NEW YOU are essential to transitioning your life from the old to the new. If you can identify your fashion style, you’ve discovered a major key to establishing an authentic brand that reflects the new direction of your life.

    Mel J.


Apply: Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session

If you are a woman currently experiencing important transitions within your professional or personal life I highly recommend that you apply for our complimentary 30-minute lifestyle clarity session. During your 30-minute session with Melissa you will discuss the area of life you are currently feeling stuck within or perhaps you are experiencing your first transition and would like feedback on what your next steps should be and how to move forward as an exclusive client of Melissa’s if you choose to enroll in one of her signature image & style development programs or transitional life coaching sessions.

Yes, I Want to Apply For the LifeStyle Clarity Session

Melissa .T. Jarred is a certified Toronto Image Consultant and Personal Stylist who works with women expeiencing life transitions who feel deep within their soul that it is time to not only up-level and overhaul their entire life, but to also revamp their image and personal style to authentically align and reflect with the new changes that are emerging in your life.

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