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Hello ladies,

Introducing the spring color palette, let’s get started!

Today we will be looking at the final colour analysis season from the basic four; and that would be the Spring colour palette. But, before we proceed if you haven’t done so already I highly suggest you read my article on Colour Analysis: How It Can Impact Your ROI as a way to gain a better understanding of how I like to approach colour analysis and my logic behind it.

Let’s briefly recap what we have covered thus far in the Colour Synergy series.

* The Winter and Summer season are considered sister seasons because they share cool blue-based or blue rosy undertones and are devoid of any warmth; whereas the Autumn and Spring (which we will be covering today) are also considered sister seasons because they share warm, golden or yellow based undertones.

* As I mentioned before in the Winter colour analysis article, you may or may not have a backup seasonal palette; also known as your flow season. Ideally, your flow season is a secondary or backup colour palette of select colours you can also wear in addition to your dominant/home seasonal palette. For example, I am a Deep Winter lady of style, but I can also borrow colours from the Deep Autumn palette because of the similarities in colour, depth and richness. But, this may not be as simple for all women. Some women may only be able to wear 2-3 additional colours from a neighboring palette.

* Cool = blue undertones*

* Warm = warm undertones*

* Winter lady of style: colour palette will consist of blue-base or true primary colours*

* Summer lady of style: colour palette will consist of blue-rose or muted undertones*

* Autumn lady of style: colour palette will consist of golden-bronze undertones*

* Spring lady of style: colour palette will consist of clear, yellow undertones*

However, before I delve into our Colour Synergy series I would first like to address the perceived assumption that colour analysis does not necessarily work on or apply to women of color. Yes, it does. Although the birth of colour analysis was first theorized by Johannes Itten and Suzanne Caygill, and later recreated by color analysis pioneer Carole Jackson in the 1980s, and subsequent revisions and books followed in later years, was mostly targeted and marketed towards Caucasian women; the four basic colour seasons (i.e. Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn) did not account for the varying shades that women of color possess; as such, women of color were pegged into two basic colour seasons that of Winter, mostly and Autumn. However, with the newly revamped, colour season – 12 of them to be exact – expanded and now offers a more inclusive range of seasonal colour palettes that are diverse and accurately applicable to women of color who seek a better understanding of how colour plays an integral role in their image and style, as well as their personal brand.

Important: You may not perfectly fit into one specific colour season. Interestingly, with the new seasonal colour system you may benefit from neighboring colours from a secondary palette known as your flow season or as I like to refer to it as your back up season. However, for the purposes of our 4-part Colour Synergy Series this week I will only be focusing on the core, 4 season colour analysis palettes.

Colour Synergy Basics:

If you are a Spring lady of style your overall appearance is delicate, almost translucent if you have what is known to be peaches and cream skin tone; however, if you are a woman of colour your overall appearance will be clear, bright and slightly peachy with subtle caramel undertones. Similar to that of the Autumn woman of style you will look your absolute best in warm colours, but rather than leaning towards golden-bronze undertones you will look radiant in golden-yellow undertones; you may also have delicate freckles – women of color included.


spring color palette

The Spring lady of style was traditionally pegged as having blonde hair in their younger years and later turning to a golden brown; however, as evidenced above women of colour who have mid-fair skin can also belong to the Spring colour palette. What you will notice in women of color who are Springs is that they usually have hazel-green or amber brown coloured eyes; with brown hair in childhood most likely with natural, golden highlights.

Skin | Hair | Eyes

spring color palette

Appearance of Skin:

The Spring woman of style will appear as delicate, translucent peaches and cream in skin coloring or clear and warm with subtle caramel undertones. Other Spring women will appear ivory in complexion; these Springs can wear the brightest and purest colours from the Spring palette.  If you are a woman of color who happens to be a rare Spring lady of style you will notice that vibrant, jewel toned colors from the Spring palette radiate and sparkle on you.

spring color palette

Appearance of Hair:

Spring hair varies from flaxen blonde (the purest of blondes), to fiery red. Other colours mixed between these two common hair coloring’s of the Spring palette include: Golden brown (not to be confused with the cooler ash brown of Winter and Summer palette), Strawberry blonde, and chocolate brown hair that has a soft, warm cast over it. If you happen to be a greying Spring, you were probably once a flaxen blonde when you were younger and will probably, eventually grey to pure white or close to it; as a result, being able to wear the most delicate and clearest colours of the Spring palette.

spring color palette

Appearance of Eyes:

Most popular of the Spring eyes include: blue, green, teal and aqua complemented with golden flecks or a golden cluster around the pupil. Other Spring lady’s of style will have eyes that are noticeably clear, as if you are looking into glass (a sparkling marble comes to mind). Brown eye Springs are an anomaly, but they are out there. Selita Ebanks and Beyoncé Knowles for example are brown-eyed Springs; however, these type of Springs have golden brown or topaz eyes, quite stunning and rare.

Colour Tip: If you suspect that you are a Spring lady of style you will want to stay away from the cool, vivid colours of the Winter palette and the cool, muted colours of the Summer palette; because the Winter colour palette will be too intense and cool against your delicate, warm undertones, as a result overpowering you; thus giving the appearance of a bobble head. Likewise, the muted cool colours of Summer will just sit on you without adding any vibrancy or warmth to your overall appearance.

Ladies, if I have piqued your interest and you would like to learn more about having a Colour Synergy consult done with me via online or in person, please review my service packages for further information and what to expect.

Mel J.

seasonal color analysis

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