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Hello ladies, welcome back to our Colour Synergy Series!

Moving along, today we will be looking at the cool summer color palette

In my first article of the Colour Synergy series I explained and showed examples of the basic characteristics of the Winter season palette; and today, I will continue with our series and will discuss and show examples of the Summer seasonal palette; the sister season of Winter. If you haven’t read my introductory article on Colour Analysis: How It Can Impact Your ROI, I highly recommend you start there as this will hopefully help you understand my logic and approach to colour analysis more clearly. It is my goal to hopefully clarify for you how colour analysis works and why it is important, in my opinion, to have your signature colour palette correctly applied to your personal brand, which includes your overall image and personal style.

However, before I delve into our Colour Synergy series I would first like to address the perceived assumption that colour analysis does not necessarily work on or apply to women of color. Yes, it does. Although the birth of colour analysis was first theorized by Johannes Itten and Suzanne Caygill, and later recreated by color analysis pioneer Carole Jackson in the 1980s, and subsequent revisions and books followed in later years, was mostly targeted and marketed towards Caucasian women; the four basic colour seasons (i.e. Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn) did not account for the varying shades that women of color possess; as such, women of color were pegged into two basic colour seasons that of Winter, mostly and Autumn. However, with the newly revamped, colour season – 12 of them to be exact – expanded and now offers a more inclusive range of seasonal colour palettes that are diverse and accurately applicable to women of color who seek a better understanding of how colour plays an integral role in their image and style, as well as their personal brand.

Important: You may not perfectly fit into one specific colour season. Interestingly, with the new seasonal colour system you may benefit from neighboring colours from a secondary palette known as your flow season or as I like to refer to it as your back up season. However, for the purposes of our 4-part Colour Synergy Series this week I will only be focusing on the core, 4 season colour analysis palettes.

Colour Synergy Basics:

The Summer seasonal palette is considered the sister season to that of Winter because of the shared coolness in skin undertones; however, women who have been assessed as having Summer coloring differ from the Winters because of the noticeable softer coloring of their cool undertones. For example, picture all of the varied, intense, jewel toned colours from the Winter palette brightly shining on a perfect, sunny day; now visualize grey clouds hovering over these sparkling, jewel toned colours of the Winter palette; essentially, the Summer palette is a dimmed/muted version to that of the intense, vibrant, cool colours of Winter.


cool summer color palette

Water colors in cool pastels are quite stunning and romantic on the Summer lady of style. You can easily wear most variations of blue, as long as they are on the cool side of your palette. You will look best in delicate, feminine wardrobe and accessory items that softly drape your physique. Because of your delicate, cool coloring, please avoid intense vivid colors from the Winter palette. They are too strong and intense for your coloring and will overpower you; likewise, warm, yellow based colours will make you appear sallow, ill and quite grey or pale in appearance.

Skin | Hair | Eyes

cool summer color palette

Appearance of Skin: 

Your skin tone will appear as: Pale-beige with softly, blushed cheeks * Pale-beige without cheek colour * Rosy-beige * Pink * Gray-brown and Rosy-brown.

cool summer color palette

Appearance of Hair: 

Similar to that of the winter season, women who have prominent summer characteristics will have natural hair coloring that falls within the following colour types: Platinum blonde * Ash blonde * Warm ash blonde * Dark ash * Dark brown * Brown with auburn highlights * Blue gray * Pearl white.

cool summer color palette

Appearance of Eyes:

If you are summer lady of style your eyes are less intense than that of the winter season. They are somewhat softer in appearance, but still share the same coolness. Summer eyes include, but are not limited to the following: Cloudy blue with white webbing around the iris * Cloudy green eyes with white webbing around the iris * Soft-gray blue * Soft-gray green * Pale, clear aqua * Smokey hazel * Soft rose-brown * Gray brown.

Colour Tip: If you are a woman of color and suspect that you may be a summer season you can narrow down your final decision based upon the appearance of your skin, compared to that of your natural hair and eye colour. If you are soft and muted in complexion and your hair is a medium brown to mousy brown and your eyes appear to blend in with your overall hair and skin tone; then their is a strong possibility that you may possess the physical characteristics of summer. What type of summer you are will vary on other factors that can be further explored in a detailed Colour Synergy consult with Mel.

Ladies, if I have piqued your interest and you would like to learn more about having a Colour Synergy consult done with me via online or in person, please review my service packages for further information and what to expect.

Mel J.

seasonal color analysis

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