Style Personality: Confident Enchanting Temptress

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Today we will look at our final style personality!

Introducing the sexy, feminine allure of the Confident Enchanting Temptress. You are not afraid to embrace every inch of your feminine curves and your natural, sensual appeal. You know you are a woman who exudes the energy of a temptress who is comfortable – respectfully – showing off what nature has blessed you with; however, you are not comfortable sharing the spotlight and must make a statement with every outfit you put on. Sensual and seductive are your style archetypes main characteristics. As such, you are not brash in how you present your sensual appeal. You know how to draw attention to your buxom, curvaceous figure in a classy, sophisticated manner. Fabrics that look amazing on you include satin, silk, delicate lace, cashmere, cotton and sexy sequins. Your hair is often styled in soft flirty curls, cascading down your back or coiffed into a playful updo with soft bangs. You tend to gravitate towards colours that are a mix of jeweled toned evening colours and soft, pastel colours. You physique most likely is that of the hourglass body type; but not always. Your style personality tends to overlap with that of the Whimsical Endearing Spirit (Romantic). and the Sophisticated Classic Elegant personality. Women who, in my opinion, epitomize the Confident Enchanting Temptress include: Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, Salma Hayek, Beyonce Knowles, Scarlett Johansson, Paula Patton and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few.

However, before we start I would like to preface this article by stating that you may not fall neatly into any one specific style personality. Interestingly, you may intersect with 2 or 3 alternative style personalities that suit your personal style preferences. If you would like to learn and discover more about your style personality I highly suggest you review the Essence of Style Development Program which I have created to coach and assist women in exploring and redefining their personal style.


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* Defining your style: Va va voom describes this style personality’s overall look and energy. You confidently embrace every inch of your feminine curves. Whether you are petite curvy, classic hourglass curvy or a buxom, voluptuous curvy you do not shy away from your physique, rather you prefer to highlight your d├ęcolletage in subtle, yet flirtatious clothing that are classy and sophisticated with just enough sex appeal.

* Defining your style: With this style personality you will look best in moderate, form fitting clothing that accentuate your waist, hips and upper torso area. However, be careful not to overdo when selecting form fitting clothing pieces; balance is key. If you choose to wear a form fitting top or blouse, perhaps your lower half should be slightly more lose or sensually draped across your hips and waist, and vice versa. However, because of your admired hourglass figure choosing form fitting clothing from head to toe is also an option when making a bold, sensual statement.

* Defining your style: Hollywood Glamour is your middle name. You enjoy the attention, stares and glaces from across the room and are a natural when it comes to creating a sensual, alluring aura around you.

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* Defining your style: You draw inspiration from iconic Hollywood sirens such as, Dorthy Dandridge, Rita Hayworth, Eartha Kitt and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. If you could travel back in time you would probably prefer to be in the midst of the Hollywood Glamour era of the 1940s fashion and social scene.

* Defining your style: Your choice of makeup can vary from elegant dramatic or romantic and sophisticated. Beauty signature of this style personality are enhanced lashes, pouty glossed lips and smoky or defined eyes. Diamonds are a girls best friend is the fashion mantra of this style personality, along with decadent stones and refined gold.

* Defining your style: Hair styles ranging from free flowing tresses, Grecian style updo and sleek ponytails are all fabulous choices for this style personality.

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Ladies, if you would like to explore and learn more about your authentic style personality, please do take a few extra minutes to review the Essence of Style Development Program

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