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We are slowly narrowing down our Style Personality Series and today I will be looking at the Sophisticated Classic Elegant style personality; a personal favorite of mines. Why? Because this is my dominant style personality and one I have become quite fond of over the years; so, let’s get started. But, before we get started with further defining your personal style as the Sophisticated Classic Elegant woman of style I highly encourage you to check out my article Personal Style: What’s At Stake? Greater Opportunities.

You admire luxe couture fashion, but embrace the elegance and classic sensibility of Ready to Wear and brand name collections. You are a woman who knows how to evoke elegance, class and charm by the way you are always effortlessly put together. Names synonymous with the word elegance and class include Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Grace Kelly and Olivia Pope, the character from the hit show Scandal who is played by Kerry Washington. Clothes do not wear you, you wear the clothes. Your style is sophisticated, regal and timeless, which adds to the classic element of this style archetype. A fashion era you would most certainly identify with would be the 1930’s. Although this fashion era emerged during the Great Depression, women during this epoch in history were glamorous and sophisticated. Fabrics that will appeal to you include: premium wools, silk, rayon, cotton, satin and delicate sequins to name a few; your style is elegant, classic and regal. Never over the top, just enough glamour to pique the interest of a few onlookers.

However, before we start I would like to preface this article by stating that you may not fall neatly into any one specific style personality. Interestingly, you may intersect with 2 or 3 alternative style personalities that suit your personal style preferences. If you would like to learn and discover more about your style personality I highly suggest you review the Essence of Style Development Program which I have created to coach and assist women in exploring and redefining their personal style.

defining personal style

* Defining your style: Your look is effortlessly pulled together and always timeless. For example, if you bought an LBD (Little Black Dress) back in the early 2000’s more than likely you could easily pull it off in 2017 with contemporary accessory pieces. That is the signature look of the Sophisticated Classic Elegant style personality; your wardrobe and accessory items are timeless and transcends most fashion trends/fads of the moment.

* Defining your style: Investment pieces are important to you, as you prefer classic, premium pieces that are regal, sophisticated and of good quality in fabric and appearance. It need not be super expensive, but must make a refined, sophisticated statement.

* Defining your style: Your style personality intersects with that of the Classic Chic Conservative lady of style who like you prefers to wear her hair in simple, effortless styles which balances out her preferred neutral makeup palette, while also opting for classic accessory pieces. However, you do enjoy indulging in uniquely designed accessory items that become the focal point of an outfit you have chosen to wear; thus, allowing that particular piece to speak for itself.

defining personal style

* Defining your style: If you do choose to wear prints you prefer that they be subtle in appearance, not overpowering or too noticeable. Classic is key with this style personality. If you do choose to experiment with patterns you will feel most comfortable wearing: classic pinstripes, small-mid sized polka dots and simple checkered patterns etc. However, the Sophisticated Classic Elegant style personality will always look and feel their absolute best in solid colours.

* Defining your style: Accessories you tend to gravitate towards are classic, minimalist and do not overpower your facial features: antique silver, classic gold, refined rose gold and classic pearls.

* Defining your style: Your makeup selection can vary depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve: Elegant Bold, Elegant Classic or Elegant Temptress etc. But, in your day to day life you almost always gravitate towards a neutral, fresh palette.

defining personal style

Ladies, if you would like to explore and learn more about your authentic style personality, please do take a few extra minutes to review the Essence of Style Development Program

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