Style Personality: Natural Adventurous Beauty

Hello Ladies,

Next on our style personality list is that of the Natural Adventurous Beauty.

You are a woman who is free-spirited, adventurous and gravitates towards nature based and global experiences that allow you to feel as free as a bird; such as spending your free time at the beach or in a perfect world you would much rather spend your time exploring the sites of Morocco or taking a nature hike off the beaten track. Thus, the Natural Adventurous Beauty style personality tends to embrace the simple pleasures of life and looks best in clothing that are casually relaxed and effortlessly put together. A sizeable portion of your spring/summer wardrobe probably includes lightweight cottons, linen, and baptiste. Whereas your Fall/Winter wardrobe might consist of textured, rich fabrics, such as suede, soft leathers, wool, and jersey knits; as well as various shades of denim blues. Your preferred accessories of choice are minimal and understated. Your makeup choices are often subtle with an added pop of colour every once and awhile if you are attending a formal event or special occasion. Lastly, your hair is effortlessly windblown, loosely curled or tousled to perfection.

However, before we start I would like to preface this article by stating that you may not fall neatly into any one specific style personality. Interestingly, you may intersect with 2 or 3 alternative style personalities that suit your personal style preferences. If you would like to learn and discover more about your style personality I highly suggest you review the Essence of Style Development Program which I have created to coach and assist women in exploring and redefining their personal style.

Natural Style Personality

* Defining your style: Your clothing choices are comfortable, sometimes sporty, free flowing and casually chic.

* Defining your style: On the weekends you would much prefer to wear a great pair of jeans, crisp white cotton top with a fabulous pair of ballet flats or sexy heels depending on the occasion or event. During the week if at work an elegant, simple pant suit or skirt and versatile blouse and jacket with simple accessories are your go to staple items.

* Defining your style: Effortless style is your approach to fashion. You do not go out of your way to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends. Your motto is – if you like it, and it looks good on you, you’ll wear it – end of discussion.

Style Personality: Natural

* Defining your style: If you have discovered or have an inkling that your dominant style personality is a Natural Adventurous Beauty then there is one, okay maybe two words to keep in mind when shopping or putting together your look and that would be minimalist and chic. However, just because you are a natural style personality doesn’t mean your look is boring.

* Defining your style: If you do opt to wear bold colours keep it monochromatic with minimal accessories, but if you do choose to venture into primary colours try to keep it simple and balanced.

* Defining your style: The key to successfully enhancing this style personality is to keep it fresh, relaxed and casually sexy.

Natural Style Personality

Ladies, if you would like to explore and learn more about your authentic style personality, please do take a few extra minutes to review the Essence of Style Development Program

Mel J.

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