Style Personality: Whimsical Endearing Spirit

Hello Ladies,

Today we will cover part 2. of our Style Personality series.

The style personality of a Whimsical Endearing Spirit embraces clothing styles that incorporate soft pleating, fabrics that delicately drape around your body and you enjoy taking extra time to ensure you are properly presented as a lady ought to be. Your style is romantic, charming and whimsical. You do not gravitate toward bold colour palettes or colours that overpower you, nor do you feel comfortable in fashion silhouettes that have structured lines that do not add a visual element of softness to your overall look. If you choose to wear jeans you prefer to pair it with a softly pleated blouse or cashmere sweater with a matching camisole on the inside. If you are wearing a business suit for the office or meeting with a client you prefer to soften the look with neutral makeup (soft makeup) and understated accessories, such as pearls or diamond stud earrings. You overlap with the Classically Chic Conservative style archetype who are most comfortable in outfits that are timeless and exude feminine confidence.

However, before we delve further into learning more about the Whimsical Endearing Spirit I would like to preface this article by stating that you may not fall neatly into any one specific style personality. Interestingly, you may intersect with 2 or 3 alternative style personalities that suit your personal style preferences. If you would like to learn and discover more about your style personality I highly suggest you review the Essence of Style Development Program which I have created to coach and assist women in exploring and redefining their personal style.

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* Defining your style: The style personality of the Whimsical Endearing Spirit (romantic) naturally gravitates towards feminine delicate materials, such as silk, satin, cashmere, finest of cotton; signature embellishments include: ribbon trimming, luxurious draping and pleating, chiffon and soft ruffles.

* Defining your style: You are most likely inspired and intrigued by the fashion and style sensibilities of the Victorian Era. White gloves, fancy hats delicate corsets and antique jewellery are a source of visual inspiration for you.

* Defining your style: With this style personality your everyday clothing should drape and softly flow against your curves/physique. You most likely would not feel comfortable in structured fabrics and lines that create hard edges against your body; rather you will feel most confident wearing outfits that have a softness to them and drape effortlessly across your body. If you were to wear a formal pant suit for professional reasons you would feel a need to soften the look with elegant, delicate jewellery, a romantic hairstyle and neutral makeup.

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* Defining your style: Jewellery pieces that would look best with this style personality are antique heirlooms, pearls, diamonds and gold.

* Defining your style: You naturally exude femininity and prefer soft, neutral colours in your everyday wardrobe and accessory selection; however, adding pops of colour into your outfit and accessories is always a clever way to keep your look fresh and vibrant, but your anchor colour palette will always fall within soft neutrals and flirty pastels.

* Defining your style: Be careful not to indulge too much with ruffles, lace and ribbons if you work in a conservative, corporate environment. Too much softness will dilute your perceived professionalism and ability to convey your personal brand with authority. If wearing a suit to a business meeting, giving a presentation or meeting with a client do make sure to choose sophisticated silhouettes that are structured, but not overly edgy.

style personality romantic

Ladies, if you would like to explore and learn more about your authentic style personality, please do take a few extra minutes to review the Essence of Style Development Program

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Melissa .T. Jarred is a certified Toronto Image Consultant and Personal Stylist who works with women expeiencing life transitions who feel deep within their soul that it is time to not only up-level and overhaul their entire life, but to also revamp their image and personal style to authentically align and reflect with the new changes that are emerging in your life.

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