Speaking Your Truth & Standing in Your Power

Hello ladies,

This particular post is about speaking your truth. It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to openly share my journey depression because this is more of a personal reflection of how I felt during this dark period of my life. This is post is about the day I had officially decided to take back control of my life from the grips of mediocrity, stagnation, and emptiness that I had been experiencing for quite some time, but unsure of how I was going to fight back against what I had perceived to be the impossible; due to the fact that over the years I had disconnected and forgotten the essence of who I am as an empowered, spiritual being; one who lacked, at the then time, the courage and strength to elevate myself out of the dark abyss my life had momentarily descended into.

As I sit here typing these words I feel somewhat apprehensive sharing with you the beginnings of my quarter life transition; however, I strongly believe that in order to authentically support and assist my clients in making their own transition with passion and purpose it is my responsibility to stand in support of your journey by speaking my truth and sharing what I have learned over the years with you. Over the past couple of years I have come to embrace the transformative journey I am still experiencing with open arms and a deeper appreciation of the universe for not only sharing its infinite wisdom with me every day that I humble myself before my Creator – which will take me a lifetime to consume and comprehend – but also for inspiring and motivating me to take my lived experiences (the good the bad and the ugly) and utilize them to empower, assist and heal other women, such as yourself, who may be feeling stuck in their life and who also desire a transformational change.

January 1, 2016, I remember waking up earlier than usual sitting in bed thinking about the year that had just past and the new one I was about to embark upon; I kept asking myself as we all do at the start of a fresh new year, “I hope this year will not be the same dreadful replay of the year before and the year before that one.” I was already journaling about life in general, as well as reading many spiritual self-help books. In fact, two in particular still resonates with me to this day; the first one written by Marianne Williamson entitled Return to Love and the second one written by Melody Beattie entitled Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself. For some reason on that particular day much of what I had read, in previous years, meditated upon and contemplated over began to provoke deep within me an urgency to change my life from the inside out. Quotes from books kept passing through my thoughts and I would randomly look up pages I had highlighted from before and reread them over and over with fresh insight. What was happening to me? Why did I feel as though the universe was removing a veil from over my eyes that I myself was unable to remove, due to my weakened ability, at the then time, to listen to my intuition?

Looking back on that day I now understand that the universe was prepping me for the next of my phase of my life (sometimes in life we have to go through fiery trials in order to understand our purpose in life), but more importantly it was insisting that I finally make the decision I was too afraid to acknowledge; and that would be to boldly and confidently – stand in my truth and live my life with passion and purpose. The problem was and what I suspect most women can identify with, who are on the brink of experiencing a profound life transition within their own life, is the fact that I was afraid of my own power, spiritual intuition and ability to independently and unapologetically choose and create a life for myself that did not align perfectly with society’s or my family’s expectations of who I ought to be, rather than boldly embracing who I was divinely made to be. NO, I do not want to be stuck behind a desk until I am 65 years old working to make someone else wealthy. NO, I will not allow my past failures and toxic relationships to dictate my future. And NO, I do not want my daughter witnessing her mother become a statistic of depression and having that pattern become part of her lived experience. These three motivational triggers are what fuel my passion and purpose in life today and continue to be the fire that keeps me focused, dedicated and on purpose in business.

It has been a challenge to say the least. Some days have been energetic, positive and uplifting and other days I’ve literally curled into a fetal position wanting nothing more than to turn back the hands of time and forget the promise I made to the universe, BUT my renewed will power and unwavering faith in my journey and most importantly myself CONQUERS every time. Listen ladies, in life you’ve got two options: you either remain complacent and journey through life with a huge question mark hovering over your hidden goals and dreams for your life, or you boldly and faithfully step into your power and truth and let the chips fall where they may. And by no means am I encouraging you to quit your day job tomorrow or withdraw your entire life savings and travel the world without blinking an eye; although that would be an awesome story to tell the grandchildren someday, but what I am hoping you will take with you, if anything from my personal story of transition, is that at some point in life you’ve got to stand in your truth and power and funnel that energy into creating a life that is based on YOUR terms. When the universe, or whomever you deem to be a higher power other than yourself calls you to attention and questions you about your purpose in life, please do not be afraid to answer. I’ve missed out on many opportunities in the past all because I doubted my inner greatness, I doubted my talent, but most importantly I doubted myself. You may make HUGE mistakes along the way (raises hand), you may even fall a couple times but what I have come to appreciate and respect is the fact that god, the universe, my creator ALWAYS has a way of graciously picking me back up and adding to me what I lack to move forward. When making the decision to transition your life, trust the process, strategically plan your next move, and when in doubt quiet your spirit and seek the answers from within.

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Mel J.

Melissa .T. Jarred is a certified Toronto Image Consultant and Personal Stylist who works with women expeiencing life transitions who feel deep within their soul that it is time to not only up-level and overhaul their entire life, but to also revamp their image and personal style to authentically align and reflect with the new changes that are emerging in your life.

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